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Kennards Self Storage News & Updates

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Kennards Waterloo Expands to 3,049 Storage Spaces

The scarcity of space in Sydney has compelled Kennards Self Storage to squeeze more out of its existing properties.

Kennards Self Storage WaterlooKennards Waterloo

The family-owned business’s Waterloo property which already boasts 2,491 storage spaces, is now about to open another 558 spaces with the addition of 2 new levels on top of an exiting 2 storey building. The new spaces will be available for rent in October. This will bring the total number of available spaces to 3,049 spaces. In contrast Australian industry average storage centres are about 350 spaces.

Waterloo is the largest asset in the Kennards Self Storage portfolio and probably also the largest self storage centre in Australia.

Located on corner of Burke and O’Dea Ave in the heart of the south Sydney apartment construction frenzy, Kennards Waterloo is providing the new residents the extra space they need. The company is capitalising on the redevelopment of old industrial sites into a new high density residential neighbourhood by expanding the property which was experiencing high occupancy.

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Kennards Self Storage Makes More Space For Western Sydney

Kennards Self Storage is excited to announce the opening of their new self-storage centre built in St Marys busy industrial hub. This state of the art storage centre is located at 69-73 Christie Street, St Marys and will open late October 2016.


Kennards Self Storage St Marys  (1)


The centre consists of over 400 units ranging from 1 sqm to 100 sqm. A range of access options are available for customers including drive up, ground floor and lift access units.

“We are an Australian-owned family business with over 82 centres Australasia wide,” Operations Manager Tony Vuong said. “This new addition for Kennards Self Storage is a purpose built and designed centre.”

The blue and orange Kennards building cannot be missed as you drive by on Christie Street. The new building and the landscape gardens add colour and vibrancy to the area.

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Would You Sleep Out In a Box?

1,500 Kennards Storage Boxes are making their way to a patch of grass at Hickson Road The Rocks in preparation for this year’s 2016 Sleep Under the Stars Charity Event to raise money for Homelessness and our youth at risk.


As Gold Sponsors this includes Kennards Self Storage donating the boxes for participants to get creative with and build themselves a shelter for the evening.

Sadly a cardboard box is home to many young people living on our streets.

“Donating boxes seemed a perfect way for us to contribute and help raise awareness. Kennards Self Storage have supported Stepping Stone House since it first opened its doors in 1989. During that time we’ve seen hundreds of young residents go through the house turning their lives around. These kids have been subject to poverty, abuse, alcoholism and drugs through no choice of their own. Stepping Stone House gives them a chance in this world, a purpose. Stepping Stone House surround them with love and support and teaches them the skills and resilience they need to survive. It’s a beautiful thing” – Fiona Harding Kennards Self Storage National Account Manager.

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Their Future Is In Your hands, Will You Help Make a difference?


This October Team Members from Kennards Self Storage, armed with just six Kennards boxes to build a shelter will join others for the annual Stepping Stone House Sleep under the Stars fundraiser at Hickson Road The Rocks, raising funds to help Stepping Stone House continue the great work that they do for NSW homelessness and youth at risk. Kennards Self Storage are Gold Sponsors of this event and are also supplying Kennards Boxes to all participants to build their shelter to sleep under for the night.


Help support Stepping Stone House and Donate Here to Sleep Under the Stars 

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Your Guide To Buying At Storage Auctions

With the successful hit reality TV show – Storage Wars – Kennards Self Storage has seen a noticeable increase in buyer interest. Storage Wars follows colourful characters in their quest to find value in the abandoned goods. All the auctions are held on-site, which also provides for much better TV than watching them bid online – boring!


When storage customers abandon their goods storage operators will sell the goods to get the space available for rental again.

At Kennards Self Storage, all auctions are held online. This makes the process very easy for buyers as it allows all the spaces to be viewed through one simple portal despite being spread throughout different storage Centres.

Kennards offers this guide to our online auctions to help those curious to give it a try.

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Helping From The Heart, Kindness Is Catching

My name is Linda Pang and I’m the founder of Kindness Is Catching (KiC) . I wanted to write to thank you for your company’s participation in KiC’s 2016 Winter Care Kits and Warmies project.


I started Kindness Is Catching last year following on from Feel Good Feb. Just me, wanting to ignore the many recent troubles of our world and to bring a positive vibe and attention to all that was good. To be grateful for all that we have, to encourage our children to have compassion and kindness and for them to see the world as a happy place. I am a Primary School teacher and a Special Education teacher, so my passion for helping people who are less fortunate than ourselves and involving our children’s generation is genuine.

It was my wish to harness the kindness of our local community to help homeless people feel cared for and to make wintertime in Sydney a bit more comfortable. In 2015, my goal was to collect 100 Winter Care Kits and a few knitted scarves, beanies and gloves.

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History In The Making – Southbank, Docklands And Kennards Self Storage Port Melbourne

History is the creation of man’s need to understand and learn from past occurrences and is often quoted in the justification of many actions and events today. As we are urged to learn its lessons for the future, Man is also anxious about how history will be remembered.

Kennards Self Storage PortMelbourne April 2014 (4)

But what do we actually mean by history?

“It is the events of the past and the telling of the stories of such events, a fact with an element of fiction”.

In Melbourne’s short history, we have learn about the development of our City and integral leisure and new housing regions that have been developed as a result of history such as the Southbank and Docklands precincts. Until the 1880’s ships anchored in Hobsons Bay near Williamstown and then made their way up the Yarra River to Victoria Dock where goods were stored in large warehouses. Since the introduction of container shipping the area become desolate until the revamp with housing in the early 70’s. Personal storage areas again became prevalent after both these precincts began developing from 1975.

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Kennards Self Storage Is The Ideal Solution For Your Online Start-up

Kennards Self Storage Pymble December 2014 (14)

Over many years businesses have been born from Kennards Self Storage and online trading platforms. Combining the innovative trading to access their potential customers and the flexibility of self storage has been rewarding and profitable to many entrepreneurs.

Kennards Storage Spaces are available in a range of sizes so online start-up entrepreneurs can begin their enterprise with a small space. They can then grow as their business prospers or respond to seasonal demand.

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Self Storage is Peak Agile Solution for Business

storco-Macquarie Park-19

While Australia’s Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull excitedly tells business to be ‘agile’ to make the most of these ‘exciting times’ many have learned self storage is peak agile for business accommodation.

The rise and rise of e-tailing is proving incredibly popular with consumers, who enjoy more choice, great convenience and often much lower prices than traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ retailers. In fact, traditional retail is seeing the boom of e-tailing a significant threat.

E-tailers have also realised that accommodating their business does not need to be in traditional ways. Retail stores with long leases are a burden. Many start from home, before moving to larger off-site options.

The self storage industry has seen significant growth in space taken by this new class of business.

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Gap Year Travel: Mum and Dad do not need to be in the storage business


With summer closing in and year 12 students finishing their exams, many are also preparing for the traditional year off traveling the world. Taking a ‘gap year’ is now almost a right of passage for Australian and New Zealanders before they start their university course or work. It is filled with adventure as they leave their childhood life behind (and all their stuff!) to learn much about the world.

The gap year travel, means that their stuff will lie dormant for a year or more. Things like bikes, surfboards, TV’s, cars, motorbikes, beds and so on will get left behind and not get any use. It is also likely, that when they come back they may not even move back home and go straight to renting with friends or on campus at university – even more years of clutter for unused stuff!

Parents can finally release the space in their house and move the dormant ‘toys’ in to storage.

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