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Self Storage is Peak Agile Solution for Business

storco-Macquarie Park-19

While Australia’s Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull excitedly tells business to be ‘agile’ to make the most of these ‘exciting times’ many have learned self storage is peak agile for business accommodation.

The rise and rise of e-tailing is proving incredibly popular with consumers, who enjoy more choice, great convenience and often much lower prices than traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ retailers. In fact, traditional retail is seeing the boom of e-tailing a significant threat.

E-tailers have also realised that accommodating their business does not need to be in traditional ways. Retail stores with long leases are a burden. Many start from home, before moving to larger off-site options.

The self storage industry has seen significant growth in space taken by this new class of business.

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Gap Year Travel: Mum and Dad do not need to be in the storage business


With summer closing in and year 12 students finishing their exams, many are also preparing for the traditional year off traveling the world. Taking a ‘gap year’ is now almost a right of passage for Australian and New Zealanders before they start their university course or work. It is filled with adventure as they leave their childhood life behind (and all their stuff!) to learn much about the world.

The gap year travel, means that their stuff will lie dormant for a year or more. Things like bikes, surfboards, TV’s, cars, motorbikes, beds and so on will get left behind and not get any use. It is also likely, that when they come back they may not even move back home and go straight to renting with friends or on campus at university – even more years of clutter for unused stuff!

Parents can finally release the space in their house and move the dormant ‘toys’ in to storage.

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The Five S’s of Wine Tasting


Start by observing the wine’s colour.

Red wine: Is it maroon, purple, ruby, garnet, red or even brownish?

White wine: Is it clear, straw-like, golden, light green, pale yellow, orange or brown?



Give it a little swirl. The swirling action helps aerate the wine, producing an oxidizing effect that helps enhance the wine’s flavour and natural aroma.


To get a good impression of your wine’s aroma, gently swirl your glass and then take a quick whiff to gain a first impression.

Do you smell Oak, Berry, Flowers, Vanilla, Mineral, Honey or Citrus?


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School Libraries In Fiji Are Filling Fast With Books!


Its amazing what can happen when human beings come together to help one another, one small gesture can mean the world to another…

Books For Fiji (BFF) started in 2015. It was my first visit to Fiji but fortunately we have friends there, on the island of Taveuni. We were heartily welcomed into the local village of Sogulu near our friends’ house. After touring throughout the island we discovered the want and need for kid’s books. The schools have very little, and no libraries. I knew I could get wonderful books back here in the Northern Beaches of Sydney from my children’s old schools.

Upon returning home I called the boys’ schools. Yes, they regularly cull the library shelves and I was welcome to come and get boxes of books. That was the beginning. Word got out via the International Association of School Library-ship, Oceania (IASL) and many schools responded. We now can get many good quality, already accessioned, library books.

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Taking Self Storage To New Heights

Gone are the days of factory buildings, sparse landscaping and a shoe box sized office out the front. In the last 40 years Self Storage has come a long way.

We’ve learnt a lot and today we reflect on just how far we’ve come with the help of drone technology. Take a bird’s eye view at our latest five storey extension in Macquarie Park NSW.

Our bright orange beacon of freedom showcases all the latest innovations, sleek design and customer service features that Kennards Self Storage offer.

We are passionate about innovation with every element thought out with our customers’ in mind.

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Kennards makes it’s mark in Chullora

H:MCHPKennards Self StorageChullora2015 DAIssued2015.11.09On the outer edge of Sydney’s Inner West a new development is looming.

With street frontage on the Hume Hwy work has commenced to fill an infrastructure gap in the business district of Chullora. The $10 million dollar Kennards Self Storage centre is due to commence building in August with an expected opening early 2017.

The time and location are perfect. Located at the cross roads of the Hume Hwy and Roberts Road, the centre will provide unprecedented levels of access to Sydney’s inner and outer west and Sydney’s South. It’s not a building you will miss, brightly clad in orange it will be an icon for the suburb.

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Self Storage Valuation Guidance Note Available From API and PINZ

Kennards-Self-StorageMacquarie-Park-45As a property class, self storage is one of a stable of ‘Going Concern’ asset classes. Not only do typical valuation considerations of location and quality impact value, but also the role of management and marketing.

Like hotels, that have constant rotation of paying customers coming and going, self storage has a management intensity that distinguishes it from more passive property assets.

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Your Tips For Good Wine Cellaring

Kennards Self Storage GlassYour wine is valuable and treasured aspect too important to risk being ruined by poor storage. Private cellars at Kennards Wine Storage are an ideal option for all wine collectors, investors, wine merchants, restaurants and boutique wineries. We have a range of sizes so you can grow (or shrink) your collection easily. From as little as 8 cases up to many hundreds, all collectors are catered for.

Temperature Stability – Wine will prematurely develop if stored in an environment that has large temperature variations, particularly if these occur frequently. Wine should never be stored in temperatures that are too cold (under 12ºC) as this will inhibit the development of the wine. Similarly, wine stored in temperatures that are too warm (over 19ºC) will cause overly rapid development of your wine. Our temperature control systems ensure the wine cellar temperature is very stable.

Suitable Humidity – If wine is stored in conditions that are too dry, the cork will shrink and cause leakage. Too moist, and mould and contamination may occur. Kennards Wine Storage maintains moderate humidity levels (55%-75%) to avoid these problems and assist in the optimum wine development conditions.

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The Gun Storage Empire Strikes Forward

Kennards Self Storage gun room 006

Empires and reputations have been built on humanity’s need to expand to new horizons. In history the Chinese dynasty, Roman Empire of Europe, Africa & Asia, Japan’s Yamato dynasty, and Russia’s Romanov Hierarchy have seen great expansions over time and have been the forefront of establishing realms. The more formal and current usage of the term ‘empire’ can be used to refer to a large scale business enterprise typically formed from diverse ethic, national, and cultural components.

Along with reputation, Kennards Gun Storage and its branding has also been instrumental in developing a national empire. Kennards Gun Storage in Adelaide, Melbourne and in the Sydney markets has and still is evolving over many years due to Kennards ever increasing gun storage expansion ideas.

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A tale of Transport Storage

Kennards Self Storage Bicycle

Over many Centuries mankind has developed many ways to improve modes of transport from birdmen, hydrogen balloons, animal transport, vehicular and rail, water craft to spaceflight.

The first form of transport was Man himself. People eventually learnt to use animals to assist with their transport needs. With humanity’s desire to constantly invent new ideas, the creation of the wheel transformed transport needs around 3500 BC, The Egyptians then invented the sail boat from 3100 BC changing water transport, Romans famously built road network systems for their empire to transport cargo and armies, changing road transport.

The history of the goods movement during the 20th and 21st Century’s improved greatly with the implementation of the steam train, monorail, cars, trams, and ultimately opening up new World frontiers with spaceflight.

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