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Fairy Sparkles Wherever she Goes!

Fairy Sparkle with Sam Kennard, CEO of Kennards Self Storage

Fairy Sparkle waves her wand and brings her happy heart and bag of sparkles to everyone she meets, especially our patients in hospital.

Her life’s work is visiting the sickest patients, especially children, in our hospitals. Bringing smiles to sad faces, lift spirits that are sagging, inspire those that need it, sit with those in the depths of despair and has held the hand of many ‘passing’.

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Using Sport to Inspire

Kennards Self Storage are proud supporters of Fair Game Australia, a grass-roots not-for-profit organisation that inspires healthy communities through donating recycled sports equipment and using it as a tool to deliver health and fitness education programs.

Since September 2018 Kennards Self Storage have supported Fair Game Sydney with a warehouse at our Hoxton Park centre. Here the hub store sports equipment before it gets given back to communities and programs that need it.

In June 2019 the hub was able to send out their first ever team of volunteers to rural Western NSW. The aim of this 5-day trip was to establish connections with under-serviced rural and remote communities and to gain insight into the challenges that they may face. It was an opportunity to engage with the communities and have discussions about how Fair Game NSW can help address issues around access to sporting equipment and health knowledge promotion.

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Minimising Waste and Maximising Health Care – Kennards Self Storage and Airborne Aid

Kennards Self Storage Croydon Park in South Australia are pleased to announce our support of Airborne Aid Ltd, a not-for-profit organisation delivering tailored medical aid donation packages from Australia to destinations in need across the world.

Airborne Aid – Jill Lee Suen, Thailand

Airborne Aid has been in operation since 2013, and has chapters in SA, Victoria and New South Wales. Over 60% of packages are processed by the SA chapter, which is in need of a sizeable dedicated space to sort and pack donations, and to expand to meet demand. From June this year, KSS will donate a storage unit to the SA chapter of Airborne Aid, to assist in receiving generous donations and in dispatching medical aid donation packages to travellers headed to regional Australian communities and Overseas.

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Fair Game Australia

From September 2018 Kennards Self Storage are proudly supporting Fair Game Australia a grass-roots not-for-profit organisation that inspires healthy communities through donating recycled sports equipment, using it as a tool to deliver health and fitness education programs. Fair Game Australia believes that all Australians should have access to the benefits of healthy choices aiming to create an equitable, healthier & sustainable Australia.

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At Kennards We Believe Every Young Person In Australia Should Have A Safe Home

On the 26th October Kennards FREEDOM Fighters are taking part in the inaugural Stepping Stone House, Sleep Under the Stars event with 400 other participants.
We believe every Young Person in Australia should have a safe home.

One by one Not for Profit organisation Stepping Stone House are restoring lives of our homeless youth.
Breaking them from the shackles of welfare, helping them build a career and the skills to support themselves in independence.

Domestic violence, abuse, trauma, neglect and family breakdowns cover many reasons why our young people end up living rough.
Most, through no fault of their own.

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Another Magic Moment for Sydney Basket Brigade

Once again at the end of last year the Magic Moments Foundation a National Not for Profit organisation, spent the day packing donations of food, clothing and toys into hampers to be delivered out to those who need it most, making sure that Christmas is enjoyed by everyone.

The hampers are packed into a number of donated boxes to be delivered. Kennards Self Storage were very happy to once again supply boxes for this great cause.

Coverage of the Sydney Basket Brigade in action can be seen on Channel 7’s news report.

A huge thank you goes out to the volunteers and to the Magic Moments Foundation for continuing this wonderful initiative for another year.


Giving Homeless Kids A Life Changing Experience

On the 7th of October Hicksons Reserve under Sydney’s Harbour Bridge transformed as a fantastic group of kind-hearted and resilient people chose to make a difference by sleeping rough for the night, supporting Stepping Stone Houses (SSH) Sleep Under the Stars event to raise money for Homeless Youth and Youth at risk in NSW.

Stepping Stone House Sleepout_0189

Sadly there are over 42,000 homeless people in Australia, nearly 50% of that 42,000 are 24 years of age and under. In NSW alone there are over 10,000 homeless youth under the age of 12 to age 24.

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Would You Sleep Out In a Box?

1,500 Kennards Storage Boxes are making their way to a patch of grass at Hickson Road The Rocks in preparation for this year’s 2016 Sleep Under the Stars Charity Event to raise money for Homelessness and our youth at risk.


As Gold Sponsors this includes Kennards Self Storage donating the boxes for participants to get creative with and build themselves a shelter for the evening.

Sadly a cardboard box is home to many young people living on our streets.

“Donating boxes seemed a perfect way for us to contribute and help raise awareness. Kennards Self Storage have supported Stepping Stone House since it first opened its doors in 1989. During that time we’ve seen hundreds of young residents go through the house turning their lives around. These kids have been subject to poverty, abuse, alcoholism and drugs through no choice of their own. Stepping Stone House gives them a chance in this world, a purpose. Stepping Stone House surround them with love and support and teaches them the skills and resilience they need to survive. It’s a beautiful thing” – Fiona Harding Kennards Self Storage National Account Manager.

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