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All The Stars Are Aligned

Shopping for your goods in this day and age can simply be done in the comfort of your home. With the reliance for convenience, speed and quality one may ask, “How do I choose which business to transact with?”

A research study conducted by titled “Influence of consumer reviews on online purchasing decisions in older and younger adults” confirmed a major factor in a consumer’s decision to purchase was as quoted “According to recent meta-analyses, the most important features influencing sales and attitudes are the valence and the volume of reviews. In general, more positive reviews increase sales and attitudes, whereas negative reviews reduce them”.

This really confirms what we already do, how many times have you read through the reviews of a business that you wish to transact with before making your decision.

Google benchmarks businesses with an average star rating of 4.5 and above as a superior service provider.

Kennards Self Storage Adelaide Airport located on 2 Fred Custance Street, Adelaide Airport S.A 5950 has only been opened just over six months and has achieved an average star rating of 4.8 stars.

The team are passionate about their product and service they provide their customers. Servicing customers from Henley Beach South, Fulham, Lockleys, West Beach, Brooklyn Park, Kidman Park, Fulham Gardens, Richmond and Mile End just to name a few.

Some examples of what customers are raving about at Kennards Self Storage Adelaide Airport include:

Alison M says “Kennards Adelaide Airport, such a great, well organised, clean experience. The team made every aspect of my move to storage as supported and easy as possible. Their willingness to listen, provide exceptional service with the perfect sized space, free loan trailer and their genuine friendliness and time shows they love what they do. Thank you, I certainly will recommend such a wonderful team :)”.

Elanora says “Adelaide Airport Kennards Self Storage, thank you. I had a great experience. The facility was secure, safe, well lit, clean, accessible and the customer service on location friendly, helpful and supportive”.

Melissa V says “Very friendly and informative staff. Will use Kennards self storage again if need be. Thank you.”

There are many more similar comments from satisfied customers, click on the link to read more.

Kennards Self Storage Adelaide Airport is a purpose built storage facility specialising in storage. Kennards Self Storage has been the market leaders in storage for over 40 years. The Adelaide Airport centre offers a range of storage units from easy access driveway units to lift access units. All units are individually alarmed. For added security customers have their own unique PIN Code to access the centre and state of the art High Definition CCTV cameras covering the property.

Did you know that Kennards Self Storage also has an extensive box range. The retail area is a one stop shop if you are looking for packing boxes or packing materials. There is a large range of moving boxes, bubble wrap, heavy duty tape and much more.

With the growing raving fans and reviews Kennards Self Storage Adelaide Airport is fast becoming the place of choice for customers looking for storage or moving boxes.

Why not experience the great service first hand and pop into Kennards Self Storage Adelaide Airport or give the team a call on (08) 8234 3489.

Wayne Birch

Wayne Birch is a highly skilled self storage specialist establishing over 22 years experience with Kennards Self Storage – a period which has seen involvement in the creation of numerous new self storage facilities across Australia and New Zealand. Wayne has a personal interest in the development of people and he believes that successful people will always endeavour to be their best and do their best at all times. Based in Melbourne, Wayne’s current role within Kennards is managing storage centres in the metropolitan regions of Melbourne and Adelaide. He is an award winning Team Member obtaining many ‘Adding Value’ Awards including the prestigious ‘Dragon’ Award during his time with Kennards. Known as a keen sports enthusiast, Wayne’s business life experiences have evolved from a background in managing building hire & theatrical lighting equipment company’s. Over the years, Wayne has been a sourced speaker at a SSAA (Self Storage Association Australasia) Conference in New Zealand and various Victorian Regional Meetings.

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