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What’s In An Opening?

There are many ways to describe an opening.

“A happening at the beginning of an event or activity, a space or gap that allows passage or access, a hole, vent, slot, window or even just a cavity”.

During our lives, we all may experience an official opening of a business or a see new location open. The ‘official opening’ term is used to attract people by alerting them about an opening. It can also be described as an occasion when a new shop or public building starts operation making the site available for people to use or visit. We could even use words to describe a business opening as a beginning, start, outset, inception, launch, or simply a birth of a business. One such storage opening or birth is occurring in the northern Melbourne suburb of Thomastown.

With a launch birth date commencing from Thursday, 5th September, 2019, Kennards Self Storage will welcome its newest storage facility opening at 187 Settlement Road. The new Kennards Storage Centre opening will attract people with a keen interest for 24/7 storage unit access, 20 different sized spaces, driveway gaps between units some 8 metres across, vents and windows for air ventilation to the first floor units (including lift openings and open passageway gaps to fit pallet sized components), and slots to fit your own padlock in the door latch. Customers can keep their own key to ensure they are the only person with access privileges to their individually alarmed storage space. The cavity areas are the storage units themselves ranging from drive up, ground and first floor storage spaces enabling plenty of storage options for visitors.

From inception, Kennards Self Storage Thomastown will also have open storage spaces to store trucks, cars, caravans and container storage. Complimented with back-to-base monitored 24/7 CCTV coverage, a free concierge service for parcel pick up and deliveries, and a free use Conference room with free wi-fi access, our newest Kennards Self Storage facility in Thomastown may just open up many opportunities for business and private storer’s alike.

What’s In An Opening – it could just be your goods!

Wayne Birch

Wayne Birch is a highly skilled self storage specialist establishing over 22 years experience with Kennards Self Storage – a period which has seen involvement in the creation of numerous new self storage facilities across Australia and New Zealand. Wayne has a personal interest in the development of people and he believes that successful people will always endeavour to be their best and do their best at all times. Based in Melbourne, Wayne’s current role within Kennards is managing storage centres in the metropolitan regions of Melbourne and Adelaide. He is an award winning Team Member obtaining many ‘Adding Value’ Awards including the prestigious ‘Dragon’ Award during his time with Kennards. Known as a keen sports enthusiast, Wayne’s business life experiences have evolved from a background in managing building hire & theatrical lighting equipment company’s. Over the years, Wayne has been a sourced speaker at a SSAA (Self Storage Association Australasia) Conference in New Zealand and various Victorian Regional Meetings.

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