No Vaccination Discrimination

No discrimination against your Covid-19 vaccination status 

The ‘No Jab, No Job’ mandate is being adopted by many companies around Australia and New Zealand. Governments are imposing vaccination in some sectors they control while other companies are also choosing this path. 

At Kennards Self Storage we have chosen not to discriminate against people due to their Covid-19 vaccination status. Proudly, we have never discriminated against a person due to the race, religion, age, gender or any other personal attribute and see no reason to change this now.

While we support and encourage vaccination against Covid-19, we will not require our employees or our customers to be vaccinated to work or deal with us. 

Vaccination has become a contentious issue in Australia and New Zealand. Many people feel that it should be a mandatory requirement across the community. This is a stark contrast to the existing approach the two countries have about other vaccinations. People are not forced or coerced to be vaccinated against other much more deadly diseases. That is a free choice. 

Forced vaccination crosses a moral threshold about personal health choice, freedom and breaches a fundamental human right. We respect peoples private choice in regard to Covid-19 vaccination. It’s a private choice with private consequences. 

The vaccines are effective to reduce the severity of Covid-19. They have proven to be protective. People who want to reduce the effects of Covid-19 should clearly be vaccinated. If someone else prefers not to be vaccinated, it should not bother the vaccinated as they are protected. 

Our company has not lost a single employee due to our non-discriminatory approach. In fact, we have retained a small number and attracted a number of job applicants. It’s apparent that our people are actually relaxed about the vaccination choices of others and agree with our approach. 

Vaccine mandates will inevitably prove to be another over-reaction of the pandemic. 

We are proud to be listed with Open for All. We encourage their initiative and hope others will join.