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From the beginning

The Kennards family has a strong reputation for business innovation and originality. With foundations with Walter Kennard and his establishment of the highly regarded Kennards Hire in 1947, the family has since succeeded his enterprise to expand in many ways. Walter’s two sons, Neville and Andrew took Kennards to a level he would not imagine.

In 1973, this included establishing Australia’s first Self Storage Centre in the Kennards Hire branch at Moorebank. Neville and his son Sam, now independently own the Kennards Self Storage Company. Kennards Hire now has no commercial relationship to Kennards self Storage.

Kennards Rydalmere

Kennards Self Storage now proudly boasts being one of the largest Self Storage Operator Australasia wide. The company has pioneered the industry in many ways. It is founded on values of quality, value, convenience and innovation. The entire KSS team strives to provide customers an exceptional storage experience.

In 2004, KSS teamed up with Valad Property Group to acquire 24 storage centres trading under the name of Millers Self Storage. This grew the business to 56 locations virtually doubling our size.

In June 2008, Kennards agreed to acquire Valads interest in the joint venture which owned 38 properties.

Today Kennards Self Storage has over 94 locations in Australia and New Zealand.


Shaping the Industry

Kennards Self Storage is undoubtedly the pioneers of the self storage industry. They were the first to open a Self Storage Centre in Australia and have since successfully implemented a range of industry changing initiatives.

The company recognises the opportunity to positively impact people's lives. From the moment a customer walks through the door we realise they are usually going through an emotional, stressful or even exciting ‘life event’. They are moving house; changing jobs; going overseas; moving back with mum & dad; breaking up with a partner; or getting together with a new partner - and we have an awesome opportunity to make a difference to this emotional time. All KSS centres are built with the customers in mind first and the entire KSS team strives to assist and care for the customers expectations at this time. 


"Early Adopters" of Superior Security

Security pin padIn 1993, KSS installed its first individual door alarms to storage spaces. This technology was very new, so NEW the company had to pay for the installer to learn how to install it!

Since then, the company has alarmed almost every new space they have built - more than any other company in Australia! This technology also enabled the company to offer 24-hour access without compromising security.

Business Incubator and Support Centre

The company identified an opportunity to foster and encourage businesses to grow and prosper. With the advent of mobile communications, businesses started to get mobile and need office space to a lesser degree.

meeting room

Kennards tailored a package to help business establish, grow and prosper by providing more than just storage space with fax, meeting rooms, delivery, conceirge service, 24-hour access and even tea and coffee along with their storage space to cater for this new niche.

Business get support services and can fluctuate their space needs with seasons or demand without a fixed lease.


It's a Retail Business...

Changing focus of the business to reflect that Self Storage is really a retail business happened in the late 80’s and constantly evolved since then. The company has a continual programme of upgrading our storage centres to reflect the more sophisticated and always changing needs of its customers.


Innovators in Space

The company is always experiencing and innovating. We strive to make the storage experience easier. We also launch new storage service centres for niche uses.

We now have over 3200 private lock up climate controlled wine cellars in 18 locations across Australia and New Zealand.

Firearm storage is also available for shooting enthusiast. These legally compliant storage cabinets help firearm owners safely comply with storage regulations.

Our Personal Custody Boxes can be used for the off-site discreet storage of important documents.


Own, Manage and Joint Venture

Kennards Self Storage is a privately owned and family run company. The company is also 100% Australian.

Through astute acquisition of property, clever development and new sophisticated management skills and systems, the company remains solid, and continues to grow.

KSS owns and invests in most of the self storage centres under its name. The company also provides a Self Storage Asset Management service for investors who do not want to worry about the day-to-day issues.

Constructive Company Culture

In pursuit of providing customers with an exceptional storage experience, Kennards Self Storage fosters a culture of openness, trust, responsibility where people truly take ownership of their decisions. The company invests heavily in developing its people and actively measuring it's culture each year. The cultural survey is called the Organisational Cultural Inventory and is administered by Achievement Concepts and Human Synergistics.

KSS is now recognised as one of the longest running measurers of company culture in the world with the O.C.I. tool. The first survey was undertaken in 1998, and we have measured culture annually since then.

The development of culture is important in making our business a place that fosters people to continually engage and care about our customers.

A Proud Family Business

Kennards Self Storage proudly remains a privately-owned family operated business. We are not the typical faceless and detached corporation. Our customers storage experience is a direct reflection of the Kennards family. We aim to be proud of the reputation of our business with our name on the door.

We are tirelessly improving our business to lift standards and surprise and delight our customers.

The KSS culture and values also reflect that of the Kennards Family. This means you can depend on and trust us.

The Company has been lead by Sam Kennard (son of Neville) since 1995.

KSS is also a member of the Family Business Association. Family Business Australia is the peak body for family and private business in Australia. The members include multi-generational family business, multi-sibling/cousined owned and operated and specialist family business advisors. To learn more about FBA visit www.fambiz.org.au.