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A tale of Transport Storage

Kennards Self Storage Bicycle

Over many Centuries mankind has developed many ways to improve modes of transport from birdmen, hydrogen balloons, animal transport, vehicular and rail, water craft to spaceflight.

The first form of transport was Man himself. People eventually learnt to use animals to assist with their transport needs. With humanity’s desire to constantly invent new ideas, the creation of the wheel transformed transport needs around 3500 BC, The Egyptians then invented the sail boat from 3100 BC changing water transport, Romans famously built road network systems for their empire to transport cargo and armies, changing road transport.

The history of the goods movement during the 20th and 21st Century’s improved greatly with the implementation of the steam train, monorail, cars, trams, and ultimately opening up new World frontiers with spaceflight.

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Looking for a unit, locker, cage or warehouse?

Kennards Self Storage 3x6StorageUnit3You might be right in thinking that the definition of a space is a unit, locker, cage or even a warehouse area, and you will find various definitions of what constitutes the meaning of a space in a standard Oxford English or Webster’s dictionary.

A unit is defined as an individual thing, or person forming an individual component of any larger or more complex compartment whereas a locker is a cupboard or compartment, a cage being a box or enclosure having openwork for confining or carrying any animal or prisoners, and a warehouse seen as a large building to store or distribute goods for sale.

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Location, Location, Location…

picture by:highlight-app-takes-automatic-location-based-sharing-to-the-next-level-2e1c09d8e7Location is one of the most sensitive elements in everyone’s life.

In personal and business experiences what is important to us all is location. A location can be a site, position or situation, where we go in the evening, holidays, travel for business, our work base or even our family establishment areas. Location does not just relate to ourselves and the people we place around us but can also relate to where we place our stored personal and valuable possessions.

Kennards Self Storage situated in the CBD area of Melbourne has four such ‘location’ storage sites either in or surrounding the Melbourne CBD area. Our Kennards Storage units in North Melbourne are the ideal location to Melbourne’s CBD for storage but what is equally important is the ability to store your personal or business possessions close to your centralised location. Three other storage facilities located to Melbourne’s CBD area are Flemington, Port Melbourne & Abbotsford – ‘location, location, location!’

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No Room to Swing a Cat


Through history the English language has seen the evolvement of different phrases, sayings, idioms and expressions with many of these intriguing phrases involving animals. One of these animals is the Cat. Phrases such as The Cat burglar, to skin a Cat, curiosity killed the Cat, has the Cat got your tongue, and it’s raining Cats & Dogs are just some of those idioms.

An even more intriguing Cat phrase is the origins of ‘room to swing a Cat’.

This British Navy phrase dates from the 17th Century ‘They had enough space to swing a Cat in’, and is a saying that derives from uncertainly surrounding the origins of the term ‘cat o’nine lives’ when punishment to sailors was given.

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Kennards Self Storage Klemzig Opening February 2013

Storage is about to become even easier in the north-east suburbs of Adelaide with the opening of Kennards Self Storage newest storage Centre in Klemzig.

Kennards Self Storage is proudly the largest Australian owned company and will now be servicing the Adelaide community based suburbs of Holden Hill, Kilburn, Modbury North, Newtown, Pooraka, Walkerville and of course Klemzig. With an expected opening for trading and business of Friday, 8th February 2013, the Klemzig site with over 800 undercover storage units when fully completed will also boast open vehicle spaces to rent.

Our customer care is the fabric that binds our entire Kennards Team. You will also notice the commitment and care in our extremely clean and well maintained properties. Our Team at Klemzig in Rob & Owen are Kennards people who make the difference. We care about our centres and we care about our customers experience. The Klemzig Storage Centre will offer new customers state-of-the-art storage features and benefits in the north area of Adelaide.

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