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Culture at Kennards Self Storage Receives More Recognition

Kennards Self Storage and Human Synergistics

It was again a delight to receive a Culture Sustainability Award for our continued constructive results in our annual culture survey. This was our 4th Culture Sustainability Award from Human Synergistics. We also received a Culture Transformation Award in 2006. The efforts and commitment of the KSS team in the journey to make our business a great place to work cannot be overstated, and there is great pride that this is recognised.

At Kennards Self Storage we have been measuring culture since 1998. The decision to undertake the first survey occurred when I was given an icy cold shower of reality and learned that my business was not as good as I thought it was. An email broadcast throughout the company by one of my key support people outlined a bunch of apparent problems. Until this moment, I had not grasped the possible scale and weight of the issues within KSS.

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Locked up since 2005!

Kennards Self Storage 10yearsAt the Kennards Self Storage Achievement Dinner on the 29th August, 14 Team Members and I were presented with our 10 Year Service Award. Until that day I hadn’t thought too much about it – time flies when you’re are having fun right?

As a small but growing industry in Australia, Self Storage is not the kind of job most people set out to do. It comes about by opportunity. For me it was while I was studying Interior Design and working part time in the Kennards Customer Care Centre.

I think if someone asked me 11 years ago would I be working for a storage company I would have said storage what? What surprised me were the responses I got when I told people who didn’t know me. “10 years, really, you stayed that long?”. Like it was a bad thing. Those who knew me suggested I should never leave.

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Annual Health Check Up, What’s Your Culture?

Kennards Self Storage started measuring culture back in 1998, using the OCI Circumplex culture assessment tool from Human Synergistics who provide and consult on the Circumplex testing model. Our commitment and investment into measuring culture continues to this day with the results of our 2015 Culture Survey now in.

Kennards Self Storage OCI

This year our culture survey results show we remain a predominately constructive organisation. This is represented by the intensity of the blue colour under the constructive thinking styles and shows Kennards is an organisation that values the contribution and efforts of its Team Members; encouraging and supporting its Team Members to grow, develop and make decisions. Where mistakes are celebrated and people are more important than things.

Why do we continue to measure culture?

A strong constructive culture creates an environment that inspires Team members and directs energy into effective modes of thinking and behaviour. A business that achieves results and provides a fun and happy work environment that attracts and retains great talent, which in return creates success.

Our results this year have only shown minor changes on the previous year. Both results are pleasing with the Blue Constructive Styles dominating the Red and Green ineffective Defensive Styles.

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Kennards Organisational Culture Development Captured in Case Study by Human Synergistics

KSS-Actual-Culture-2014Kennards Self Storage commitment to improving its organisational culture is beyond question, and has now been captured in a case study by Human Synergistics.

After embracing the organisational culture inventory in 1998 to measure the perceptions of the Team, the KSS leadership appeared a strategy to review and improve the culture.

Constant re-measurement has been an important factor in the process to make Kennards a great place to work.

The Human Synergistics case study is a brief overview of this effort and can be read here.

Feedback is the Breakfast of Champions

Kennards CircumplexWhy? Because without it we never learn how our behaviour impacts on others.

As a leader we may think we know ourselves, however in reality people may see us differently. Good leaders will invite feedback of any kind be it positive or negative. By embracing feedback leaders gain valuable intelligence on how they can develop and improve as individuals. The outcome of this can lead to better performance through increased effectiveness, productivity and a real sense of job satisfaction.

At Kennards Self Storage we have a deep appreciation on the importance of feedback, and the value it gives us to improve as a company and foster a better working environment for everyone.

As part of this commitment, the Leadership Team at Kennards Team Headquarters recently participated in a two day program that involved completion of LSI1 (Lifestyles Inventory Program) and LSI2 on each individual.

The Lifestyles Inventory Program one and two are self-development tools offered by Human Synergistics. Most of us would be familiar with the OCI (Organisational Cultural Inventory, also provided by Human Synergistic) which Kennards conduct each year on the company, where by results are communicated via a circumplex. A clock with 12 behavioural styles clustered in three coloured groups, blue represents effective behaviours and red and green ineffective behaviours.

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Life Begins at 40! KSS Celebrates 40 Years in Space.

Kennards Self Storage owes its origins to a courageous and entrepreneurial leap my father took in 1973. After a trip to the U.S., where he saw ‘Mini Storage’ in its own embryonic and unproven days, he returned to build Australia’s first storage units at Moorebank.

The idea of ‘Self Storage’ simply resonated in his head, and he was pretty confident the best way to be sure was to try it. I recall him musing his scepticism of ‘Market Research’ that if he did any market research about storage it would of suggested that was no demand! He would say: “Sometimes customers do not know what they want”.

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Family Business and Culture at Kennards Self Storage

Does a Family Business have a stronger more engaged and committed culture?

Organisations these days receive a great deal of commentary about their organisational culture. Much of it uninvited and unwanted.

It seems culture receives much of the blame for organisational failure, internal fraud or injury to people.

Good news stories also exist about organisations success that is founded by their culture and values. Indeed, many great company’s attribute much of their success to culture and values.

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