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Gun Lockers Now Available at Kennards Croydon Park

We are pleased to announce that firearms storage is now available at Kennards Self Storage, 1 Days Road Croydon Park. With three sizes of lockers available and over 120 units we have a solution for storage of pistols, rifles and ammunition for gun enthusiasts of all types.

Our state of the art heavy gauge lockers are isolated discretely from the rest of the centre in a custom fitted area that can only be accessed by firearms customers, along with CCTV surveillance cameras and recording devices. Our 24/7 access also allows you the convenience of access to your locker at any time of the day or night.  Your access code is linked to the alarm on your unit and is triggered if either the firearm or ammunition door is accessed when you are not logged into the centre.

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Kennards Newcastle Gun Storage Refurbishment now completed

The NSW Firearms legislation sets out the responsibilities for the firearm owner to secure their firearm safely. Kennards Self Storage Newcastle located on 904 Hunter Street Newcastle NSW 2302 offers a dedicated Gun Storage solution for gun owners. Gun owners from as far as the Hunter Valley, Lake Macquarie, Cessnock, Singleton and Port Stephens Region utilise the Gun Storage offered by Kennards Self Storage Newcastle to safely store their guns.

Many firearm owners choose to keep their guns in storage for many reasons other than the requirement from the NSW Firearms Legislation for securely storing firearms:

• Kept away from the curiosity of children
• Potential theft and misuse of the firearm
• Recreational shooters can enjoy their sport, whilst securely storing their guns.

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The Gun Storage Empire Strikes Forward

Kennards Self Storage gun room 006

Empires and reputations have been built on humanity’s need to expand to new horizons. In history the Chinese dynasty, Roman Empire of Europe, Africa & Asia, Japan’s Yamato dynasty, and Russia’s Romanov Hierarchy have seen great expansions over time and have been the forefront of establishing realms. The more formal and current usage of the term ‘empire’ can be used to refer to a large scale business enterprise typically formed from diverse ethic, national, and cultural components.

Along with reputation, Kennards Gun Storage and its branding has also been instrumental in developing a national empire. Kennards Gun Storage in Adelaide, Melbourne and in the Sydney markets has and still is evolving over many years due to Kennards ever increasing gun storage expansion ideas.

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Safely Store your Firearms at Kennards Gun Storage Maribyrnong

Maribyrnong4Kennards Self Storage Maribyrnong are expanding their Gun Storage over the coming months to accommodate even more avid gun lovers.

Whether you want your firearm away from your home, or live in an environment that cannot accomodate the legislations of safe firearm storage,  or your just looking at buying your first firearm, Kennards Self Storage Maribyrnong has the solution.

Providing safe and secure gun storage for Maribyrnong and the surrounding North Western suburbs, Kennards Gun Storage meets all state legislations for storage of firearms.

Access is 24 hours via an individual P.I.N. Your gun locker with separate ammunition locker is also alarmed. Perfect if you need to get an early start or finish up late at the range, you can access your locker at any time.

To learn more about Kennards Gun Storage go here.

GunRoom 006









Author: Kennards Self Storage Maribyrnong

Gun Lockers in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne

Gun Storage Lockers are Renting Now!

Kennards Self Storage has just extended their gun storage facility at Maribyrnong.

With the addition of more gun cabinets and an expanded access area, Kennards is now the largest provider of gun self storage lockers in the Melbourne metropolitan area.

Catering for gun enthusiasts with new pistol safes and rifle lockers, Kennards offers gun collectors and sporting clubs alike a secure, legally complying to government legislation, off-site and discrete gun storage facility in the western suburbs of Melbourne.

Storing your gun and ammunition at Kennards ensures gun owners also comply with Victorian Police storage regulations. Our gun storage centre is fully enclosed with solid walls, internal digital CCTV surveillance system and P.I.N. access which enables each individual gun storer access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The new gun room expansion at Kennards Maribyrnong is complimented by our gun storage centre at Huntingdale. Our strategically placed gun storage centres at Huntingdale and Maribyrnong now supplies a gun facility in easy accessible regions of Melbourne.

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Gun Enthusiasts in South-East Melbourne Now Get New Gun Storage Lockers at Kennards Self Storage

Kennards Self Storage at 1317 North Road, Huntingdale, now provides gun enthusiasts the enjoyment of a gun storage facility for their hobby.

With the installation of additional gun cabinets – 15 pistol safes and 20 rifle lockers, Kennards is now the largest storage facility provider of gun lockers in Melbourne. Guns – pistols and rifles need to be stored in a quality, government approved storage facility which adheres to government guidelines. Storing your gun collection in a Kennards centre in Melbourne provides peace of mind for all family members of gun enthusiasts knowing that storing in an off-site gun storage cabinet at Kennards adheres to these stringent guidelines.

Kennards Gun Safes

Our Huntingdale gun storage centre provides back-to-base monitored gun lockers, 24 hour 7 days a week access, CCTV coverage with your own individually alarmed gun locker that enables you to put your own padlock on the cabinet, now making storing your prized rifles and pistols at Kennards Self Storage easy.

Author: Wayne Birch, Operations Manager. Kennards Self Storage Melbourne.

Additional Gun Safe’s Installed at Kennards Self Storage in Melbourne

gun-safe-room-001-2Kennards Self Storage are currently undertaking the upgrading of our gun storage cabinets at our Huntingdale & Maribyrnong centre’s.

Serving a greater need for gun storage in the south-east and north-west storage corridors of Melbourne, Kennards Storage has installed additional pistol lockers and rifle safe’s at two of our prominently positioned storage centre’s at Huntingdale and Maribyrnong.

The layout of our gun lockers is ideal for providing shooters and gun collectors alike, the very best facility in gun storage. With the convenience of 24 hour access, 7 days a week, CCTV digital surveillance and individually alarmed back-to-base monitored gun safe’s, Kennards self Storage enables gun enthusiasts to store their valuable guns in a  Police approved gun storage facility.






Author: Wayne Birch, Operations Manager, Kennards Self Storage  Melbourne. 

Ever Considered Storing Your Guns at Kennards Self Storage?

Kennards Gun Storage CamperdownKennards Self Storage provides Gun Storage in NSW, Victoria and South Australia at five convenient locations; Camperdown and Newcastle (NSW), Panorama (S.A.) and Huntingdale and Maribyrnong (VIC).

Storing guns with Kennards Self Storage means you comply with states relevant Fire Arm Legislation, solving what can be a complicated, difficult and expensive problem for many gun owners.

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The Safe Way to Store Guns

Protecting your family by storing guns out of the home is increasingly popular.


In April 1996, Australia was shocked by the brutal killing of 35 people in Port Arthur, Tasmania. In response, one of the changes to come was securely and safely storing firearms. This became law in all states and territories in Australia.

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