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Kennards Self Storage Solves the Deposit Box Shortage in Sydney

The demand for secure deposit boxes in Sydney has increased in the past three years as a result of several commercial Banks winding down their offer of deposit boxes in Sydney. The principles of supply versus demand has resulted in a shortage of secure deposit boxes available in Sydney.

Traditionally consumers have used commercial Banks that offer these facilities as a place to store their personal possessions of value. Thinking outside the box (no pun intended) Kennards Self Storage Moore Park located on 813-851 South Dowling Street Moore Park NSW have been offering deposit box storage to customers wishing to store their personal items of value. With the customer experience in mind the location at Moore Park has free unlimited parking for its customers as compared to having to visit CBD locations and paying exorbitant parking rates at pay stations.

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Shhhh…. Personal Custody Boxes At Moore Park Offer Alternative To Banks Safe Deposit Boxes

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Recent crime statistics have revealed growing incidences in break ins to households and small businesses. Security measures such as household safes, alarms and deadlocks provide some level of peace of mind, but determined intruders can gain entry to steal or damage your possessions before authorities arrive.

Natural disasters such as floods or fire also have a devastating outcome as precious valuables and memories are lost forever.

There is an alarming surge in identity theft across the world and Australia is not isolated to this. Banking institutions face daily reports in relation to credit card fraud and identity theft from their customers.

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Kennards Moore Park Has Taken Delivery of Another Two Banks of Deposit Boxes

Kennards Moore Park Deposit BoxesDue to its popularity Kennards Self Storage at Moore Park has taken delivery of another two banks of deposit boxes.

The deposit boxes are an ideal way to store your personal documents as a cost effective option. People use them to keep Birth and Marriage Certificates, House Titles, Mortgages as well as photos and other small precious keepsakes. Deposit boxes start at $12 per month.

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Deposit Boxes Now Open at Kennards Self Storage Moore Park

Kennards Moore Park Safety Deposit BoxesKennards Self Storage is proud to announce the opening of 70 brand new Deposit Boxes at our Moore Park centre.

This installation compliments the wide range of storage solutions to meet everyone’s needs.

The deposit boxes are securely located in a dedicated vault room fitted with an extensive range of security features including: CCTV monitoring, back to base monitoring, alarms and individual PIN Code access controls.

After entering your unique PIN Code, the vault can be accessed. It has been comfortably appointed to allow customers to attend to their personal belongings with a chair and desk.

At Kennards you have the added convenience with simple payment terms, no bonds and no fixed contracts.

Kennards Moore park Safety Deposit BoxesKennards Self Storage
813-851 South Dowling Street, Moore Park, NSW 2021
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 02 9319 7811

Author: Tony Voung, NSW Operations Manager. Kennards Self Storage

Deposit Boxes at Kennards Self Storage

There has been strong appeal and take-up of recently installed Deposit Boxes in several Kennards Self Storage locations.


Kennards Self Storage have adapted some existing strong rooms. They have been enhanced and refurbished to accommodate private deposit boxes, for rental by the public.

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