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Christmas Wine Hangover – Preparation Time!

Merry Christmas

Preparing for a big night on wine is like preparing for a triathlon. You need to ensure your body is prepared for the onslaught you are about to put it though. Warm ups consist of eating right, vitamin intake and water consumption.

Vitamin B is the key

Ever wondered why you keep running to the toilet when you start drinking? Alcohol is a diuretic, from your first fatal pee, to what feels like the 1000’s after, you are losing important vitamins. Start taking vitamin B tablets 24 hours before your big event, the day of and the morning after for best results.

Get a good meal into you

Ditch your diet, because a grilled Salmon or chicken salad will not prepare your body to absorb the large amounts of alcohol you plan on drinking. Think pizza, pasta, chicken parma or a tasty burger. A large meal won’t take your hangover away but it will slow down the speed that your body absorbs the alcohol and keep you going longer. After all you don’t want to be known as that person that can’t hold their liquor!

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

Equally as important as food, is water; they are the foundations of drinking. Alcohol begins taking water from your body to help your liver flush out the toxins, from your first drink. You need to add water to your system in addition to your wine, to help avoid dehydration. Drink plenty of water before, during and after your big night out.

Avoid Sugar

There is one thing that pulls more water from your body than alcohol… That’s right, Sugar! What should happen if you combine sugar and alcohol…..? It’s the perfect hangover bomb coming your way! The next day not only is your liver trying to flush out the alcohol, but also the sugar. It’s a liver overload. Try to avoid sweet wines such as Moscato, Sweet champagne, fortified wines or that amazing dessert you just have to have.

The Day after the Night before….

Hair of the dog

Don’t listen to your friend or Facebook posts; hair of the dog really doesn’t help. Putting more alcohol into your body whilst your liver is already working overtime is not the answer! Coconut water is an amazing rehydrating drink and will rehydrate you quicker than water, berocca or Powerade. Don’t like the taste…. Just use it in a smoothie and you won’t even know what you’re drinking.

Say no to coffee

Coffee only adds to your dehydration woes so don’t go there…. If you really must them have one, but no more!

Indulge in a big breakfast

There is no better way to fill your body with the vitamins its lost from your big night on the wine, than real food. You may be thinking “oh god food now… no way”, but you’re wrong. If you can stomach it then you should aim for whole grains such as whole meal toast, with eggs, avocado, mushroom, baked beans and tomato. Finish it off with a glass of ‘fresh’ orange juice to add back valuable vitamin C lost from your body.

Finally, Listen to your Body

Drink responsibly! When your body or best friend tells you it’s time to stop…. STOP!

Merry Christmas From Kennards Self Storage!

Merry Christmas

Lynda Walsh

Lynda Joined Kennards in 2005 managing a South Australian Storage Centre. Her move to Sydney in 2007 saw Lynda move into the Operations Team. While Operations Manager for NSW is her main role, Lynda is also Manager to the Kennards Wine Cellar portfolio in Australia and New Zealand and involves herself in building and improving Team Training. A love of animals has also lead Lynda to donate most of her spare time to animal shelters and fostering animals.

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