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Feedback is the Breakfast of Champions

Kennards CircumplexWhy? Because without it we never learn how our behaviour impacts on others.

As a leader we may think we know ourselves, however in reality people may see us differently. Good leaders will invite feedback of any kind be it positive or negative. By embracing feedback leaders gain valuable intelligence on how they can develop and improve as individuals. The outcome of this can lead to better performance through increased effectiveness, productivity and a real sense of job satisfaction.

At Kennards Self Storage we have a deep appreciation on the importance of feedback, and the value it gives us to improve as a company and foster a better working environment for everyone.

As part of this commitment, the Leadership Team at Kennards Team Headquarters recently participated in a two day program that involved completion of LSI1 (Lifestyles Inventory Program) and LSI2 on each individual.

The Lifestyles Inventory Program one and two are self-development tools offered by Human Synergistics. Most of us would be familiar with the OCI (Organisational Cultural Inventory, also provided by Human Synergistic) which Kennards conduct each year on the company, where by results are communicated via a circumplex. A clock with 12 behavioural styles clustered in three coloured groups, blue represents effective behaviours and red and green ineffective behaviours.

The LSI 1 & 2 programs provide results on an individual level, rather than a company level.

LSI1 – this is a description of yourself. It measures how you see yourself by answering your own questions.

LSI2 – this is a description completed by others. It measures how people see you; the questions are answered by people who interact with you in the work place.

The result of the self-description and the description by others is illustrated by two separate reports showing the outcomes on the Circumplex (Clock). This provides a powerful contrast to determine whether how you perceive yourself is actually how others see you.

In most instances the results are very different. To help our Kennards Team understand and interpret their information, Mara Klemich from AC (Achievement Concepts) facilitates the program and provides valuable one on one time with each member of the Leadership Team. This helps Team memebers digest the results and formulate meaningful Action Plans that will help grow and build on the affective behaviours.

The entire program is an extremely rewarding experience for everyone, not just professionally but also personally.

It’s important that we don’t become complacent with regards to our development, as you can run the risk of being left behind. It’s a journey that continues for us as individuals and as a company to be the best we can be.

Author: Darren Marshall, General Manager, Kennards Self Storage

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