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The Growing Australian Tribe of Wine Collectors


As the Australian tribe of wine lovers grows, the need for a space to cellar their wine is heating up.. or should I say cooling down in our climate controlled wine cellars!

Kennards Wine Storage is listening to our wine loving tribe and expanding our cellars into new neighborhoods around Australia. The past five years has seen strong growth in the need for private wine cellars as the trend for collecting and cellaring wine grows.

We are really excited about our new locations as they are opening up an offsite wine cellaring solution, previously unavailable to these areas. For example, Customers have been telling us for years that there is nothing available for them in the ACT region. So we listened to them and we are opening the first state of the art private wine cellar in Fyshwick this month. By opening this site we are allowing more wine lovers to join the game of collecting. This also helps the wine industry by increasing wine sales.

Our Hawthorn location come out of the intense growth we have seen in the Victorian market, with our other four wine cellars almost full now. The Melbourne wine lovers are on their way to taking over the size of the Sydney market.

Kennards Wine Storage MtEdenJune2013 (18)

Our new Miranda wine cellar is the first to the Sutherland Shire and the only cellars available south of the Sydney CBD and we had a beautiful underground space that just made perfect sense.

With so many new collectors we are often asked how to pick the perfect wine for their cellar. My Advice for new wine collectors entering the market;

Firstly, enjoy the process of learning about the types of wines that can be cellared. There is no rush, this isn’t a quick hobby, we are talking about a 10-50 years hobby if you enjoy it.

Make a point of reading wine tasting notes and recommended cellaring information from the winemaker. Be open to try everything. Most cellars are filled with a large percentage of red wines, but there are some amazing white wines that will age as well if not better. For example I recently tasted a 2003 Lovedale Semillon from the Hunter Valley that I loved so much that I started buying young Semillons to put in my cellar. Did you know Semillon’s can cellar for over 20 years?

Don’t make the mistake of buying big fresh fruity wines made to enjoy now, not cellar for later. There are two wine types;

Quaffer Wines (Drink Now’s):
Wines that are inexpensive, pleasant, and fun to drink. It’s an everyday wine with a bit of a gulpability factor, something to enjoy simply and without pretence. You’ll find these in the fridge at your local wine store.

Wines to age:
Wines generally starting at $40 and growing up to $1000’s per bottle. In reds you need to start with good tannin structure. You’re also looking for good acid levels in both red and white wines. You want a wine that is well balanced in all areas and one with good fruit structure. If the balance and structure is out of whack in the beginning, it’s unlikely cellaring will improve the wine.

You don’t have to start with big reds from Bordeaux that are expensive. You can start with amazing Australian wines.

I recommend you start with:

Cabernet Sauvignon from Margret River and Coonawarra

Shiraz from Barossa Valley and Mclaren Vale

Pinot Noir from Yarra Valley and Tasmania

Riesling from the Clare Valley

Chardonnays from Margaret River

Semillons from the Hunter Valley

Lynda Walsh

Lynda Joined Kennards in 2005 managing a South Australian Storage Centre. Her move to Sydney in 2007 saw Lynda move into the Operations Team. While Operations Manager for NSW is her main role, Lynda is also Manager to the Kennards Wine Cellar portfolio in Australia and New Zealand and involves herself in building and improving Team Training. A love of animals has also lead Lynda to donate most of her spare time to animal shelters and fostering animals.

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