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Why Do Humans Feel The Need To Dig A Hole, Especially In Truganina!

Throughout our Kennards Self Storage (KSS) history of building new storage sites, our relationship with the soil has affected our ability to build and even influenced the future success of our storage facilities. Over the years, some of our Storage Centre designs have been affected by what’s under the ground which ultimately can have an adverse effect on our storage layouts. Undiscovered fuel tanks, contaminated soil, asbestos dumping’s, arsenic, tree roots and even bones (it ended up being those of a dog at Kennards Newcastle) are just to name a few. Unfortunately, we have never located gold or oil at one of our sites but we’re still trying.

When we first commence construction of a new facility, we dig a hole. At every stage of any new KSS building project, there are measures that are taken to ensure the safety of those involved in a project on-site. We dig for the safety of those working around hidden infrastructure, we dig to ensure soil conditions are adequate.

The digging all starts somewhere and in this case it’s Truganina!

A new KSS facility in Truganina – a Melbourne suburb 26 kms west of the CBD precinct, and a first for Kennards Storage in the western area of Melbourne. Luckily in this instance after digging we detected nothing in the soil. The suburb of Truganina was named after Truganini who was the last full-blooded ‘Queen’ Aboriginal Tasmanian woman to visit the area. The township (part of the Werribee area and I believe made semi famous by Julia Gillard), is primarily affordable housing with its surrounds being a major growth corridor of Melbourne. Our Truganina Centre (pronounced Trug-gan-ne-na) is located on a major fringe thoroughfare to the north of the township and within a developing business warehousing district bordering on a booming residential housing area. Victoria’s second largest Port Phillip maximum security Prison is within sight.

Our newest storage Centre has a completion date set for June, 2020. With 7,236 gfa (gross floor area) and 496 storage units being currently developed and a further 5,576 gfa of land available for future expansion, this purpose built facility will eventually have 760 storage units – the makings of another successful Kennards digging expedition!

Wayne Birch

Wayne Birch is a highly skilled self storage specialist establishing over 22 years experience with Kennards Self Storage – a period which has seen involvement in the creation of numerous new self storage facilities across Australia and New Zealand. Wayne has a personal interest in the development of people and he believes that successful people will always endeavour to be their best and do their best at all times. Based in Melbourne, Wayne’s current role within Kennards is managing storage centres in the metropolitan regions of Melbourne and Adelaide. He is an award winning Team Member obtaining many ‘Adding Value’ Awards including the prestigious ‘Dragon’ Award during his time with Kennards. Known as a keen sports enthusiast, Wayne’s business life experiences have evolved from a background in managing building hire & theatrical lighting equipment company’s. Over the years, Wayne has been a sourced speaker at a SSAA (Self Storage Association Australasia) Conference in New Zealand and various Victorian Regional Meetings.

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