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Kennards Self Storage Solves the Deposit Box Shortage in Sydney

The demand for secure deposit boxes in Sydney has increased in the past three years as a result of several commercial Banks winding down their offer of deposit boxes in Sydney. The principles of supply versus demand has resulted in a shortage of secure deposit boxes available in Sydney.

Traditionally consumers have used commercial Banks that offer these facilities as a place to store their personal possessions of value. Thinking outside the box (no pun intended) Kennards Self Storage Moore Park located on 813-851 South Dowling Street Moore Park NSW have been offering deposit box storage to customers wishing to store their personal items of value. With the customer experience in mind the location at Moore Park has free unlimited parking for its customers as compared to having to visit CBD locations and paying exorbitant parking rates at pay stations.

Kennards Self Storage Moore Park is a self-storage facility that has a dedicated vault inbedded in the heart of the old AGM glass manufacturing building. The historical cream art deco building with its signature square glass bricks is an iconic landmark on the corner of Lachlan and South Dowling Street Moore Park.

The deposit boxes are contained in a concrete block vault room. For peace of mind:

• Deposit boxes are standard high steel grade construction
• Individual pin code access through strong room vault door
• Single entry (only 1 customer at a time can access the room, perfect for privacy)
• Table and Chair offered so customers can take their time sorting out items.
• Alarmed back to base monitoring
• CCTV with digital recording.

Kennards deposit boxes are ideal for customers wanting to store:

• Passports
• Title Deeds
• Wills and Birth Certificates
• Photos
• Hard Drives/USB storage devices.

With this in mind there are three different sized boxes available starting from as low as $10 per month to rent. The benefits Kennards Self Storage offers in relation to rental terms is easy and flexible for customers:

• Rent is paid 1 month in advance only
• Pro rata refund when you move out (only pay for what you use)
• No hidden fees
• No lock in contracts or leases.

Outside of offering storage units for storage, Kennards Self Storage at Moore Park deposit boxes are a great addition to the demand for deposit boxes in Sydney.

Tony Vuong

Tony joined Kennards in 2011, bringing over 23 years’ experience in the retail industry. Tony’s career began with Coles Supermarkets, working his way through all levels of management and departments. Following this he became a franchisee to the Michel’s Patisserie chain of cake and coffee shops. Moving on from becoming a franchisee Tony was a franchise consultant for Michel’s Patisserie and the Boost Juice Bars group. Through these roles he has had extensive experience developing and managing people, bringing these skills to his role with Kennards. Tony’s interests includes watching and playing tennis, yum cha and anything food related.

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