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Locked up since 2005!

Kennards Self Storage 10yearsAt the Kennards Self Storage Achievement Dinner on the 29th August, 14 Team Members and I were presented with our 10 Year Service Award. Until that day I hadn’t thought too much about it – time flies when you’re are having fun right?

As a small but growing industry in Australia, Self Storage is not the kind of job most people set out to do. It comes about by opportunity. For me it was while I was studying Interior Design and working part time in the Kennards Customer Care Centre.

I think if someone asked me 11 years ago would I be working for a storage company I would have said storage what? What surprised me were the responses I got when I told people who didn’t know me. “10 years, really, you stayed that long?”. Like it was a bad thing. Those who knew me suggested I should never leave.

Regardless, 10 years with one company in 2015 is a long time and to see such a large group of the Kennards Team on stage was staggering. As each team member said a few words it was immediately apparent why – Culture!

Kennards is dedicated to building a constructive work culture. When you work in an environment where you are empowered to make decisions, to speak up and be counted, something happens. You become part of a bigger picture and it’s no longer “just a job”. We have been actively involved in helping shape the direction of the business without bottlenecks or tunnel vision, as if it were our own business.

There is something rich about being able to suggest an idea knowing it will be considered, or to make a mistake without the fear of losing your job. At Kennards, Culture is our heart beat. Companies that have it thrive because employees are fulfilled, they love their job and outperform.

As we finished the night we laughed as none of us thought we would have stayed 10 years. It goes to show just how rewarding culture can be.

10 Year Hand Print Ceremony.

After 10 Years of Service Kennards cast this contribution with some permanence with a set of concrete hand prints.
The hand prints are created with ceremony at our Annual Achievement Celebration Dinner. The hand prints are placed at the Team Headquarters in Macquarie Park NSW to permanently remember their valuable contribution.

“We are extremely grateful that we have so many wonderful people bring their energy and ideas to what we do.”Sam Kennard, Managing Director.

KSS hands in cement1KSS hands in cement

Fiona Harding

Fiona Harding is a passionate and driven Business Development Manager specialising in National Accounts and Customer Relationship Management. Joining Kennards in 2005 she is committed to finding long term sustainable storage solutions for companies looking to decentralise their operations throughout Australia and New Zealand. Fiona completed studies in Interior Design and Decoration at RMIT and SWSI graduating in 2008. She consistently uses her creative flare to deliver first class customer service and out of the box solutions for clients.

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