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Neville Kennards Libertarian Legacy Honoured with Lifetime Achievement Award

NevilleKennardOn Saturday May 3rd, Neville Kennard was posthumously awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Australian Libertarian Society.

It was another reminder for me about how deep and wide his pro-freedom roots and activities spread. The award again remembers long held and unwavering commitment to personal freedom and to resist the states relentless incursion into people’s lives.

On accepting the award, I reminded the audience of his instrumental role in the formation of The Workers Party in January, 1975.

In 1976 he discovered the early initiative of Greg Lindsay establishing a think-tank later to become known as The Centre for Independent Studies.

Nev provided the first significant third-party donation that enabled Greg Lindsay to properly set the CIS up. In addition, he served as the CIS inaugural Chairman for the first eight years.

Sam Kennard

Sam Kennard accepting Neville Kennards Lifetime Achievement Award at the ALS Friedman Conference











Nev’s flow of ideas and perspectives were captured in over 60 short essays, including the following:

– Market Failure – Just what the Government ordered

– Government doesn’t work – and that’s the way they like it

– Jaywalking as a demonstration of individuality 

The market failure industry 

 A libertarians New Year’s Resolution

The Kennards Family is thankful to the Australian Libertarian Society for remembering Nev’s legacy for freedom.

Author: Sam Kennard, Managing Director, Kennards Self Storage

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