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Panthera Charitable Foundation

Imagine hearing that your beloved homeland has been hit by a cyclone so ferocious, the United Nations declares it the worst natural disaster to EVER hit Southern Africa…

What would you do?
Fueled by compassion and determination to help thousands of displaced people in the African nation of Mozambique, Sydney couple Martina and Chakyl Camal dropped everything and sprang into action.

Cyclone Idai ripped through Mozambique in March 2019 with powerful winds, dramatic rainfall and devastating flooding – leaving a heartbreaking trail of destruction. Weeks later, Cyclone Kenneth added to the mayhem and dire situation facing local families, communities and businesses.

Combined, Idai and Kenneth caused over 1,000 deaths and impacted around 2.5 million people in Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe.

Although living a blessed family life some 10,000km away, powerful family and emotional ties inspired Martina and Chakyl Camal to establish the Panthera Charitable Foundation. Rallying friends, family and tapping into every possible network, their first urgent priority was to get clothing and essential items to those in need.

The couple personally donated 15 tonnes (100,000 clothing items) and have a goal of raising 200 tonnes (10 containers of 21 tonnes) worth of 2nd hand clothing donations from the Australian public and charity organisations.

So far, the Sydney community has generously donated over 31 tonnes of clothing and dry goods to the Panthera Charitable Foundation. This has been made possible via nine collection points across Sydney and the Central Coast, all storage facilities contributed to the Foundation by the team at Kennards Self Storage. Plus one shipping company and a team of amazing volunteers.

Martina at Kennards Self Storage Rozelle NSW

Through their foundation, Martina and Chakyl’s next priority is to raise funds and materials to help rebuild destroyed community infrastructure within Beira and its surrounding areas. They feel strongly that a swift return of public infastructures such as schools, medical centres and other public buildings will help rebuild a sense of normalcy and heal the hearts of these broken communities.

While it will take several years for the people of Mozambique to recover from these horrific natural disasters, Martina and Chakyl are deeply committed to providing continual and unwavering support and they need your support.

To get involved, contact [email protected]

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