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Specialist Storage Solutions for the Pharma Industry make sales reps jobs easier

Kennards Self Storage ShelvingAll the major pharmaceutical companies are enjoying great benefits when using Kennards Self Storage as part of their sales or distribution system.

Over the last 6 years we have built expertise in partnership with pharmaceutical companies.

The pharmaceutical companies have sales reps on the road serving all their various clients. They are dispersed and distant. Daily commutes to and from head office is simply a waste of their valuable time.

Pharmaceutical companies use Kennards Self Storage as a regional base, so the reps can retrieve their goods from a place close to their clients. The benefit of having goods located in close proximity to the client saves the organisation time on the road, and driving expenses. The organisations Products are simply sent directly to Kennards, who accept the deliveries on their behalf.

With over 60 locations in Australia and 8 in New Zealand, there are locations convenient to all major market areas.

Kennards have people dedicated to serve the corporate customer. We provide special tailored solutions with a single invoice and easy upsize/downsize flexibility.  Kennards recognize the unique needs of the pharmaceutical business with this tailored and easy solution.

We are experienced in accommodating temperature sensitive products and are able to accept delivery of goods so representatives do not need to be onsite when their deliveries arrive.

Our goods and handling service provides peace of mind that goods can be delivered straight into the unit and representatives are kept up to date through our SMS delivery notification.

Our superior security means representatives can easily share units each having their own unique entry pin which can be changed as frequently as required.

Our facilities are complete with meeting rooms, wireless internet and tea and coffee so representatives can hold meetings or check emails in between clients.

Units can be fitted out with shelving which is customised depending on the unit configuration or the number of reps sharing a space.

Our tailored solutions not only simplify the administration for head office but also meet the needs of busy representatives with consistency in service, time saving with our proximity and greater efficiency for organisations.

To learn more call Fiona Harding on (02) 9764 9815 or email [email protected]

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