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Are you thinking of storing your stuff?


There comes a time in most people’s lives where self storage is inevitable. Whether it’s long or short term. Storing old items, or storing while you go through a house renovation, or turning that spare room into a new bedroom for the new baby! Maybe you are heading overseas for a few years travelling or you have to downsize. Whatever the reason self storage can be a great alternative. But you need to make sure you do your homework first!

Be sure to look at exactly what you want to store and measure it out, you only want to rent the space you need. Remember you can use from the floor to the full height of your unit, by stacking items and using shelving, doing this correctly will save you money.

When you come to choose the location ask yourself how many times you will be visiting your storage space, if it’s not going to be often, then you can be flexible as to how far you have to travel. Storage centre rates can vary depending on where they are located, whether they are close to the city or further out, all of this plays a part in your monthly storage costs.

It’s now time to choose what company to use. It’s best to visit a few storage centres, this will give you a feel for how well the centre is looked after and how engaged the people are who run it day-to-day.

The centre should have security options such as alarmed spaces, CCTV surveillance, perimiter fencing, PIN code access. It should be clean and dry. Ask about drive up units, undercover loading areas and lift access. Use of trolleys and trailers. Toilet facilities, tea and coffee. Does the storage centre have 24 hour access seven days a week? Who can access your storage unit? All of these things will make your visits to your storage space more enjoyable and will also give you piece of mind knowing your items are securely stored.

Last but not least, take out insurance. Storage companies do not automatically insure your goods while in storage. Ask one of the team at the centre you are visiting about insurance or alternatively ask your current insurance provider if your goods are covered while in storage under your current insurance policy.

Now you are ready to make an informed decision, happy storing!

Sharon Munro

Executive Assistant to Sam Kennard, Chief Executive Officer. With over 13 years experience in the self storage industry. Marketing and Advertising, Artwork Development and Social Media are also areas of expertise in her role. Strong Company Culture and Values are reflected within her commitment to the Kennards Team.

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