Moving and Relocating

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Planning Your Move

Moving house can be a complicated challenging experience. Being organised and prepared makes life easier. When it's time for you to up and leave remember the 4ps of moving: Prior Preparation Prevents Panic!    

There are always ways you can improve the overall experience, think ahead and plan, make lists, delegate, declutter - when in doubt throw it out!

Equip yourself with more than you expect you will need, when it comes to packing boxes chances are you will need far more than you originally thought.

Make sure you have the right tools, such as a drill, hammer, fridge trolley, all are invaluable to make your move easier.

Be sure to label and colour code your moving boxes, but most of all pace yourself and always schedule some downtime.  

Here is a comprehensive Moving Checklist to help you on your way.
Moving Checklist


Packing and Moving


Arrange moving boxes and packing materials by simply ordering online or visiting instore. You can click and collect in store or have them delivered straight to your front door! Start to prepare an inventory of your items before you begin packing. 

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Use Bubble Wrap and Packing Paper for those fragile items, mark your boxes clearly. Use Protection Blankets for furniture. Pack lighter items in large cartons and heavier items in small cartons. Consider taking sentimental items with you in your car.

Pack It


Need a removalist, or moving yourself? We have a wide range of solutions available including finding a removalist, renting a moving van or using our complimentary trailer to move in, equipped with blankets and tie straps.  

Helping You Move


Unpack your essential items first and make sure your labelled boxes are in the correct rooms. When you're done unpacking any unused or even used boxes they can be returned to your nearest Kennards Storage for a refund.