Locker Space and Volume Comparison


Locker Space and Volume Comparison

To help you imagine what will fit in the Kennards lockers here is a range of typical comparison items.

Whether it's luggage, boxes or crates, you will be pleasantly surprised and realise how economical it is.  


Jumbo Heavy Duty Box

A Kennards Jumbo Heavy Duty Box is 104 litres.

So, our locker is the equivalent of 9.6 Jumbo Heavy Duty Boxes.


Archive Box Comparison

A Kennards Self Storage Archive Box is 31 litre capacity.

This means  that one locker is equivalent of 32 Archive Boxes of space.


Plastic Moving Crate Comparison

A Typical Plastic Moving Storage Crate is approximatley 67 litres (60cm x 40cm x 37cm).

The contents of 14.9 plastic moving crates will fit in to one typical Kennards locker.


Extra Large Suitcase Comparison

A typical large luggage case is 101 - 110 litres.

So, one locker can accommodate the contents of over 9 large suitcases.

This makes Kennards the best value luggage storage option.