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Location, Location, Location…

September 03, 2015 by Wayne Birch

Location is one of the most sensitive elements in everyone’s life.

In personal and business experiences what is important to us all is location. A location can be a site, position or situation, where we go in the evening, holidays, travel for business, our work base or even our family establishment areas. Location does not just relate to ourselves and the people we place around us but can also relate to where we place our stored personal and valuable possessions.

Kennards Self Storage situated in the CBD area of Melbourne has four such ‘location’ storage sites either in or surrounding the Melbourne CBD area. Our Kennards Storage units in North Melbourne are the ideal location to Melbourne’s CBD for storage but what is equally important is the ability to store your personal or business possessions close to your centralised location. Three other storage facilities located to Melbourne’s CBD area are Flemington, Port Melbourne & Abbotsford – ‘location, location, location!’

Choosing a storage location central to your business or home to store goods will definitely assist in reducing expenses especially if the expense is unforeseen. Any consideration to storing your goods must be conveniently located to your business or home, be easily accessible and provide you with a feeling of safety when visiting.

When deciding on a storage location a person should consider a storage company’s profile in the market, transport ability to the storage site, and of course finances and storage prices. Also, an unseen expense is travel time which is important to us all. The right Melbourne CBD storage location is often critical to the success of any business or person to have the ability to access stored goods any time, and to limit any time wasting with travel.

Kennards Storage locations near to Melbourne’s CBD at North MelbourneFlemingtonPort Melbourne & Abbotsford, certainly limits any travel expense.

Storing your valuable possessions with Kennards Storage, whether it be for business storage or personal storage ticks all these ‘boxes’ with 24/7 access, daily security lock checks, CCTV coverage and back-to-base alarm monitoring after hours. The FREEDOM to restructure a storage unit to suit your specific storage needs so you only pay for the storage area you require or the time you need to store your goods certainly has a bearing on reducing expense. No minimum contract periods or limitations on storage unit hire periods also assists with reducing unforeseen costs.

Remember locating yourself close to the things that matter in your life whether it be for business or for personal reasons will reduce unforeseen expenses and wasted time.

Wayne Birch

Wayne Birch is a highly skilled self storage specialist establishing over 22 years experience with Kennards Self Storage – a period which has seen involvement in the creation of numerous new self storage facilities across Australia and New Zealand. Wayne has a personal interest in the development of people and he believes that successful people will always endeavour to be their best and do their best at all times. Based in Melbourne, Wayne’s current role within Kennards is managing storage centres in the metropolitan regions of Melbourne and Adelaide. He is an award winning Team Member obtaining many ‘Adding Value’ Awards including the prestigious ‘Dragon’ Award during his time with Kennards. Known as a keen sports enthusiast, Wayne’s business life experiences have evolved from a background in managing building hire & theatrical lighting equipment company’s. Over the years, Wayne has been a sourced speaker at a SSAA (Self Storage Association Australasia) Conference in New Zealand and various Victorian Regional Meetings.

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