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Still running your business from your kitchen table?

March 07, 2017 by Kennards Self Storage

New Enterprise Spaces at Kennards Self Storage Seaford Meadows.

Do you ever drive past a storage Centre and wonder what’s behind all those doors? Behind many are the belongings that people just can’t bring themselves to throw away – often the residue of life-changing moments like divorce, death or downsizing the family home.

What many don’t realise is that among the units of personal belongings, photos and keepsakes, you will find a growing number of small businesses. Our business customers are attracted to the flexibility of short term leases, no overheads and the ability to easily upsize or downsize their space in a matter of minutes.

The businesses and entrepreneurs of Southern Adelaide now have the opportunity to operate from our Enterprise Spaces at the new Kennards Self Storage in Seaford Meadows.

Let’s take a closer look at our Enterprise Spaces;

– Rent a space without a lease; requiring no bond or personal guarantees and without legal expenses.

– Our Enterprise Spaces come in a range of sizes, and smaller than traditional business parks and warehouses for lease. They range from 30 square metres up to 150 square metres.

– They are an ideal accommodation choice for a range of business initiatives:

– Start-ups
– New regional networks
– Retailers (big and small)
– Contractors and tradespeople
– Professional services
– Government agencies

– The flexible occupancy agreement means you can upsize, downsize or vacate at any time without penalty. This allows your business to fluctuate with the season and demand without carrying unnecessary property rental overhead.

Isn’t it time you moved your small business from your home and let us do the heavy lifting for you? Drop in and visit Kennards Seaford Meadows, we are located at 31 Seaford Road. It might be time for you to “Keep it at Kennards”!

Kennards Self Storage

As a proud Family Business you can feel comfortable in storing with People Who Care. We have storage locations everywhere! And space for everyone! Personal and Business Space, Wine Cellars, RV and Boat, Gun Storage and Deposit Boxes. Keep it at Kennards, the People Who Care!

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