Locker Space and Volume Comparison

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What will fit

To help you imagine what will fit in the Kennards lockers here is a range of typical comparison items.

Whether it's luggage, boxes or crates, you will be pleasantly surprised and realise how economical it is.

There is a wide range of sizes available, so you can choose the one that suits your needs. This gives you flexibility and the opportunity to save money as your circumstances change.

Locker Space and Volume Comparison

Jumbo Heavy Duty Box

A Kennards Self Storage Jumbo Heavy Duty Box is 104 litres.

So, our locker is the equivalent of 9.6 Jumbo Heavy Duty Boxes.

Archive Box Comparison

A Kennards Self Storage Archive Box is 31 litre capacity.

This means that one locker is equivalent of 32 Archive Boxes of space.

Plastic Moving Crate Comparison

A Typical Plastic Moving Storage Crate is approximatley 67 litres (60cm x 40cm x 37cm).

The contents of 14.9 plastic moving crates will fit in to one typical Kennards locker.

Extra Large Suitcase Comparison

A typical large luggage case is 101 - 110 litres.

So, one locker can accommodate the contents of over 9 large suitcases.

This makes Kennards Self Storage the best value luggage storage option. 

Unit Size Guide

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