Diverse and Inclusive

Workplace Diversity and Opportunity 

Our company is very selective about who we hire, reward and promote. If you have a great attitude, open to learn and good with people – you’re a starter!

Kennards Self Storage is proud to have a Team full of people from all parts of the community and all walks of life. Your heritage, sex, age, religion or vaccination status make no difference to us. We enthusiastically encourage all to apply to work for us.

We have never discriminated in our workplace. We are proud of the richness of diversity of our team. It is a vibrant interesting and warm place to work.

In 2021, we also consciously decided against discrimination based on a person's Covid-19 vaccination status.   

We avoid virtue signalling and will always be authentic and genuine in our dealings.

Our great training programs will give people with the right positive attitude the platform for success and opportunities, through structured planned programs, combined with coaching and support. 

KSS team training

We are a family business with family values. Living our values is paramount in setting the expectations on behaviour for which Kennards Self Storage Team Members enjoy working under. We are all treated equally with respect and dignity.