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Fairy Sparkles Wherever she Goes!

Fairy Sparkle with Sam Kennard, CEO of Kennards Self Storage

Fairy Sparkle waves her wand and brings her happy heart and bag of sparkles to everyone she meets, especially our patients in hospital.

Her life’s work is visiting the sickest patients, especially children, in our hospitals. Bringing smiles to sad faces, lift spirits that are sagging, inspire those that need it, sit with those in the depths of despair and has held the hand of many ‘passing’.

Along the way Fairy has also managed to place Happy Gardens in 13 hospitals across NSW and QLD. Over the last 25 years she has visited over 50 hospitals and thousands of patients. From this the dream began for the first Fairy Garden to be built at Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick, in 1999. Fairy says, “We all agree fresh air and sunshine are essential to health and well being. The Happy Gardens will give our hospital patients and their families a chance to get out of their beds and wards for a daily dose of fresh air and sunshine helping them feel better. My dream is to see The Happy Garden in every hospital to help support the well being of hospital patients, family and friends. If with a wand, bells and sparkles, I bring a smile and warm a heart then I am one very happy Fairy.”

Kennards Self Storage have supported Fairy Sparkle and her many initiatives for over 10 years, with donated storage space and a home for her travelling Pod. We will continue to support Fairy as she embarks on bigger projects over the years to come.

If you would like to help Fairy or get in contact go here.

Good luck Fairy we think you are amazing!

Sharon Munro

Executive Assistant to Sam Kennard, Chief Executive Officer. With over 13 years experience in the self storage industry. Marketing and Advertising, Artwork Development and Social Media are also areas of expertise in her role. Strong Company Culture and Values are reflected within her commitment to the Kennards Team.

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