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More Than Just a Box

February 27, 2024 by Antone Boustani

Cardboard boxes are excellent versatile boxes that can be used for house moving, storage and shipping. They are usually made from recycled paper and are fully recyclable too. There are many reasons why you might need to stack some boxes on top of one another; perhaps you are moving house and you want to know how many you are able to stack into a removal truck, or perhaps you are storing some large storage boxes in a container and you want to know how many you can stack in there, or perhaps you are transporting moving boxes to a customer and want to know if you are able to stack them all in the van safely.

To properly answer this question we first need to understand the different categories of box, as the number you are able to stack will depend on the type. 

Types of cardboard boxes
•    Single walled moving boxes. These are basic boxes which are the value option. They are the lowest cost, but they are the weakest also. You shouldn’t fill these with heavy items as they won’t be able to hold much weight inside of them, and they won’t be able to protect the things you put into them well either. They cannot be stacked on top of one another unless they are filled with very light objects.
•    Double walled moving boxes. These are the standard for most industries. They are strong and durable and usually represent good value for money. They can hold a heavy weight inside of them, up to thirty kilograms on average and they will protect the objects you put into them. They are ideal for stacking on top of one another without breaking. These are the most popular type of box.

How many boxes can you stack on top of one another?
•    On average, you can stack eight double walled cardboard boxes on top of one another.
•    On average, you can stack three single walled boxes on top of one another, so long as they are filled with very light objects.
•    The weight of the objects that you put into the cardboard boxes for sale will obviously make a huge difference here. If double walled boxes are filled with extremely heavy objects, for example bricks, then you won’t be able to stack eight boxes. Stacking eight boxes is an average based on an average house move where you might be moving regular weight objects.
•    If some boxes are filled with heavier objects than others (which is extremely likely) then you’ll want to put the heaviest boxes at the bottom of the pile with the lighter ones at the top.
•    If you have a variety of single and double walled boxes, then you should ensure that the double walled boxes go at the bottom of the pile with the single walled boxes at the top of the pile.
•    The size of storage boxes is also something to consider. Smaller boxes are generally lighter than bigger boxes because they can hold less items inside of them. You should therefore aim to put the biggest boxes at the bottom of the pile and the smaller boxes on top of the pile.
•    In most cases, the average removal van or lorry cannot allow you to stack more than eight boxes on top of one another as there is not enough head room. This is especially the case as usually you will put larger furniture into the lorry first with the boxes on top of them. So really, stacking boxes is not something you’ll need to worry about if you are using double walled boxes.
•    Larger double walled boxes have bigger sides (cardboard walls) than smaller boxes. This makes them slightly less strong than smaller cardboard moving boxes. They also become a lot heavier than smaller boxes. So really it is ideally better to have plenty of medium to smaller boxes and stack them up, than to use lots of large boxes which can become very heavy indeed.
•    Although you might be following these guidelines and using strong boxes and not filling them with too heavy items, you should still protect your items with protective packaging such as bubble wrap to ensure nothing gets broken during transit. You never know what will happen when a removal lorry moves, for example someone could pull out in front of you and you’ll need to break suddenly, which can cause a lot of breakage in the lorry as boxes can fall.

•    It is important to remember the safety aspects of stacking boxes. If you pile them up too high above head height and they fall onto somebody, this could be very dangerous, especially if the boxes are very heavy.
•    If you are stacking them in a lorry which is going to move, then there is a strong possibility that the boxes will fall. This is not only dangerous if somebody could be below them, but it could damage the items inside of the boxes too. Always keep delicate items away from the top of the pile for this reason, and always secure the piles of boxes using some string or rope. Removal companies will often do this for you, as there are special areas on the sides of a removal lorry to secure boxes in place.
•    Remember if you stack boxes too high, you need to get them down again. If a taller person stacks them and a smaller person must unpack them, this will cause difficulty.
•    Make sure you stack boxes exactly on top of one another, as organised as possible and as secure as possible. If you simply toss them on a pile without any organisation, then they are more likely to fall down.
•    Where to buy storage boxes – always online. They offer the lowest prices and the best quality.

Doing certain tasks by yourself can save you time and money. Many DIY individuals find that using secure self storage spaces offers them flexibility, peace of mind, and a wide range of options for managing their belongings, as well as added time and funds.

However, whenever you DIY anything, from construction to cooking, you should ensure that you know how best to approach the task at hand. When it comes to self-storage, many homeowners inadvertently sustain injuries or cause property damage due to incorrectly lifting or stacking their boxes.

In this blog, we list six lifting and stacking basics to help you confidently fill, navigate, and empty your storage unit, whatever its contents.

1.    Create Sturdy bases for every stack
Many individuals become so concerned with whether or not their stacks of boxes will topple over that they forget to consider the sturdiness of the lowest level. Never place boxes on anything collapsible, like a card table.

While you can stack boxes directly on the floor, consider laying down a tarp or putting boxes on wooden pallets to reduce the risk of water damage and make the containers easier to lift next time.

2.    Group like sized boxes together
When you collect containers for storage, look for boxes in only a few sizes. Usually, one or two box sizes will work for residential purposes. These consistent sizes help keep your stacks more stable even when they become tall.

When you actually put your boxes into the unit, group the same sized boxes together.

3.    Hold boxes close to your core
As you move boxes, you may feel tempted to reach out with the container in your hands to speed up the process of putting it down. However, you should always carry heavy objects close to your core. When possible, keep the box close even as you set it down.

Extending your arms too far can strain your arms or back, leading to injuries that might impair your ability to continue moving items.

4.    Lay your boxes like bricks, not columns
Your instinct may be to set your boxes one right on top of each other. However, creating a wall pattern rather than a column distributes container weight more evenly. These stacks are less likely to fall or result in caved-in boxes.

To start this type of pile, lay several boxes end-to-end on the floor or on a wooden pallet. Then stagger the placement of the next layer of boxes to create a pattern that looks like brickwork. In this situation, it may be appropriate to stack two sizes of boxes to reduce the empty space left at the ends of the wall.

5.    Place Heaviest boxes at the bottom
As you pack your boxes for storage, you should always indicate which ones weigh the most. You may also want to put secondary weight markers to help you decide which order to stay boxes in. For example, you could label boxes "heavy," "medium," and "light."

Always place heavy boxes at the bottom of the pile to give the stack more stability and reduce accidents when you have to access items later.

6.    Power lift every box using bended knees and not your back
Whether you're lifting a heavy or light box, always crouch down, grasp the box firmly, and then stand back up using your knees to power the motion. Do not stoop down through your back to pick up boxes even if you know you can handle the weight, as this motion can lead to serious back injuries.

Use the guidelines listed above to protect yourself and any helpers you use on storage unit trips to ensure that the people and possessions involved all stay safe.

Kennards Self Storage knows a lot about boxes and all packaging used for moving or Storage. Kennards Self Storage has been assisting people with Storage boxes for decades all over Australia. There are over 20 different types of moving boxes available. It doesn’t matter if you are packing some wine, crockery, books or a bike, we have something to do the job.

The packing boxes can be purchased at our box shop at any site in Australia. We have many locations in South Australia, Victoria, Queensland, and NSW. Our Stores are open on weekends as well. For convenience our box shop is also accessible on our very easy to use website. Log onto au and you will find moving boxes and their dimensions, and you will be able to purchase them and get them delivered.

Don’t know how many boxes you need? Don’t worry, we refund any unused boxes so if you buy too many you will not be stuck with them. We buy back used boxes if they are still in good condition for a portion of the purchase price. 

Antone Boustani

Antone joined the Kennards Self Storage in 2012 as a Team Support Manager. Progressing to the roles of NSW Rostering Co-ordinator and Waterloo Centre manager led to the position of NSW Operations Manager in 2019. Antone has gained leadership skills at previous roles as a Manager at KFC and Decorug and did run his own business a Deli / Fruit shop called Naremburn Natural. He loves that we are the people that care and how that is achieved through procedures that enable our teams to offer great customer service. He is invested in improving himself and the team around him and believes that doing what you love is the key. Outside work Antone loves travelling overseas as much as getting on the open road and you can find him watching any type of sport but especially cricket.

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