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The Importance of Taking Protection Cover When Storing Goods: A Look at Kennards Self Storage

July 09, 2024 by Kellie Robley

When it comes to storing your valuable belongings, ensuring their security is paramount. Whether you're downsizing, moving, or just in need of extra space, a reliable storage solution is essential. One such provider is Kennards Self Storage, a trusted name in the industry. But beyond choosing a reputable storage facility, it’s equally important to consider taking protection cover for your stored goods. Here's why.

Why Protection Cover is Essential
1.    Unforeseen Circumstances: No matter how secure a storage facility is, unforeseen events can happen. Natural disasters like floods, fires, or earthquakes can cause significant damage to stored items. Protection Cover provides a safety net, ensuring that you're not left out of pocket should such events occur.

2.    Theft and Vandalism: While Kennards Self Storage takes extensive measures to secure their facilities, theft and vandalism can still happen. Protection Cover can compensate for losses due to theft or damage from vandalism, offering peace of mind.

3.    Varied Valuables: People store a wide range of items, from furniture and electronics to sentimental valuables and important documents. The value of these items can be significant, and protection Cover ensures that their worth is safeguarded.

Kennards Self Storage: A Trustworthy Partner
Kennards Self Storage is renowned for its state-of-the-art facilities and customer-centric services. With multiple locations, they offer clean, secure, and accessible storage options. Their commitment to security includes 24/7 CCTV monitoring, individually alarmed units, and secure access control systems.

However, even with such robust security measures, Kennards understands the importance of providing their customers with the affordable option of Protection Cover. This additional layer of security ensures that customers' belongings are covered against a range of potential risks, giving them peace of mind.

Benefits of Protection Cover at Kennards
1.    Coverage: Kennards offers protection cover that includes coverage for natural disasters, theft, and Fire. This comprehensive approach ensures that potential risks are mitigated.

2.    Affordability: The cost of protection cover is often a small percentage of the value of the goods being stored. This makes it an affordable way to secure your belongings against significant financial loss.

3.    Ease of Process: Kennards makes it simple to add protection cover to your storage plan. Their friendly staff can guide you through the process, ensuring you understand the coverage and its benefits.

Peace of Mind
Ultimately, the primary benefit of taking protection cover when storing goods is peace of mind. Knowing that your belongings are insured against a range of risks allows you to focus on other aspects of your life without worrying about potential losses.

When considering storage solutions, it’s crucial to think beyond just the physical space. The security and protection of your belongings should be a top priority. Kennards Self Storage, with their robust security measures and the option for comprehensive protection cover, provides an excellent solution for those in need of storage. By opting for protection cover, you can ensure that your valuables are safeguarded against the unexpected, offering true peace of mind.

For more information on storage solutions and Protection Cover, visit or call Kennards Self Storage team to and explore their range of services designed to meet all your storage needs.

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Kellie Robley

Kellie joined the Kennards Self Storage family in 2018 as centre manager at Browns Plains then opening the new Coorparoo centre in 2019. Joining the Operations Team in 2022. Previously employed as a State Customer service manager and Bunnings Manager. A passion for service and being with the people who care is important to her success. She is invested in helping people succeed and developing effective working relationships. In her free time she enjoys building Lego and spending time camping and adventuring.

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