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Annual Health Check Up, What’s Your Culture?

July 01, 2015 by Darren Marshall

Kennards Self Storage started measuring culture back in 1998, using the OCI Circumplex culture assessment tool from Human Synergistics who provide and consult on the Circumplex testing model. Our commitment and investment into measuring culture continues to this day with the results of our 2015 Culture Survey now in.

This year our culture survey results show we remain a predominately constructive organisation. This is represented by the intensity of the blue colour under the constructive thinking styles and shows Kennards is an organisation that values the contribution and efforts of its Team Members; encouraging and supporting its Team Members to grow, develop and make decisions. Where mistakes are celebrated and people are more important than things.

Why do we continue to measure culture?

A strong constructive culture creates an environment that inspires Team members and directs energy into effective modes of thinking and behaviour. A business that achieves results and provides a fun and happy work environment that attracts and retains great talent, which in return creates success.

Our results this year have only shown minor changes on the previous year. Both results are pleasing with the Blue Constructive Styles dominating the Red and Green ineffective Defensive Styles.

In addition to measuring the culture of the entire organisation at Kennards Self Storage we also measure Sub Groups within the business. Sub Groups refer to the separate business units, departments or regions that make up the whole organisation. Many of the Sub Group results have changed, providing valuable information where cultural change efforts can be focused for improvement.

Along with culture there are 12 satisfaction questions that measure the engagement of our Team. Across most of the 12 questions Kennards Self Storage performed better compared to 172 organisations, signifying a predominantly constructive culture. This indicates that our people are very satisfied as members of the Kennards Self Storage team.

Kennards Self Storage will continue its commitment to measuring culture into the future as we believe strongly in fostering a constructive culture for the health and enjoyment of our Team members and the success and sustainability of a family owned Australian business.

Darren Marshall

Darren Marshall is the General Manager for Kennards Self Storage a privately owned family business. With over 15 years’ experience in the self storage industry and over 30 years of Operational experience. In that time developing a strong understanding that people make all the difference in an organisation.

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