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Best Bike Box Storage now at Kennards Storage

September 01, 2020 by Tony Vuong

With the pandemic forming part of our new way of life. Many people have taken the effects of Covid 19 in a positive light. Working around the new restrictions and changes to social etiquette, the bike industry has been overwhelmed with people purchasing a push bike to fit in with their exercise regime.

Staying fit during lockdowns and restrictions can be a challenge, especially with the closure of gyms and public gatherings. Many people have purchased push bikes as another form of exercising and taken that break from isolation recharging the body and their mental well being.

Research has shown, going for a bike ride for a minimum of 25 minutes per day results in improved cardiovascular flow and we all know getting some fresh air and Vitamin D is always good for us.

Making the purchase is the easy part, bicycle storage and taking care of your bike is the long-term ownership challenge. Being the market leaders in storage and packing merchandise, Kennards Self Storage listened to their customers who wanted an affordable way to pack up their bike.  Kennards Self Storage has custom made bike boxes for sale at select locations. With high density living in mind and the limited storage spaces surrounding Sydney apartments, bike box storage is a welcomed addition to Kennards Storage extensive merchandise range available in the box shop.

What is the bike box made from? Kennards Self Storage has developed the best bike box from a heavy duty grade cardboard. What size is the bike box? The bike box measures 1385mm x 285mm x 770mm with a total capacity of 303.9L of internal space.

This bike box is a fully enclosed product meaning your bike is kept protected from any external elements. The bike box can be found at select Kennards Self Storage centres located at Camperdown, Moore Park, Ultimo and Waterloo.

Priced at $29.95 stock of the cardboard bike boxes are running low. Drop into any of the four centres to grab a bike box for your ride.

Tony Vuong

Tony joined Kennards in 2011, bringing over 23 years’ experience in the retail industry. Tony’s career began with Coles Supermarkets, working his way through all levels of management and departments. Following this he became a franchisee to the Michel’s Patisserie chain of cake and coffee shops. Moving on from becoming a franchisee Tony was a franchise consultant for Michel’s Patisserie and the Boost Juice Bars group. Through these roles he has had extensive experience developing and managing people, bringing these skills to his role with Kennards. Tony’s interests includes watching and playing tennis, yum cha and anything food related.

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