Workspace Security and Access

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Our workspaces are equipped with Digital Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Systems. The cameras are placed strategically throughout the property.

The images are captured and stored for a considerable period of time, enabling powerful review capability.  

Access Control Systems

Sophisticated computer controlled access systems are installed in most locations. This system only allows Kennards customers onto the property.

Each customer is given a unique P.I.N. which identifies and authorises entry through the main door.   

Closed Circuit Surveillance

Kennards Workspaces are equipped with Digital Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Systems. 

Each camera is strategically placed (mounted) to record all movement in areas of high activity.
These digital recording are securely stored for future access and review if and/or when the need arises.

Daily Lock Checks

At Kennards Self Storage we undertake lock checks of every lock, every day. This is a simple and effective practice to deter problems and monitor the condition of your space.

Security systems are obsolete if they do not work. We have a regular regime of system sweeps to reveal faults and problems that can then be rectified.  

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