Our Approach to Sustainability


We are conscious of our role and potential impacts on the environment so are constantly adopting new practises to assist in environmental sustainability.

We recognise the need to balance the interests of stakeholders in this endeavour.

Electricity Consumption Efficiency

To reduce our use of electricity we install timer switches to lights where possible. Customers can choose the amount of time for the lights to be on, instead of burning all day.

Passive Ventilation- We engineer buildings to use passive (non mechanical) ventilation a much as possible.

We invest in electrical upgrades to take advantage of advancing technology that enables power consumption to be reduced. 


Recycling & Paper Use Reduction

To reduce paper use for invoices we prefer customers adopt the automatic rental payment option or email invoices.

Our cardboard boxes use recycled cardboard.

We buy-back boxes for re-use, saving disposal and manufacturing of new cartons.



Our new developments utilise water retention systems to minimise excessive water flow impacts off our properties.

Rainwater tanks are being installed in new developments for use on gardens and cleaning. Tanks are also to be installed in existing sites where space may permit.



We deliberately include landscaping into our properties to sympathetically maximise the soft surface areas and help maintain vegetation areas. This also has the effect of improving our built up areas.

KSS Macquarie Park

Property Development

We adopt or exceed minimum environmental protection standards during construction projects to prevent pollution waste and impact.

We select materials with long term environmental impacts in mind. For example, investing in insulation to reduce electricity consumption is a practical approach we adopt.  

We work proactively with government agencies and community stakeholders to ensure our projects have a minimum practical impact.


Adaptive Re-use of Buildings

Many of our centres are re-developments of existing buildings. This adaptive re-use saves the environmental cost of demolition of otherwise obsolete buildings and construction of new buildings. The use of additional physical resources is minimised.

We are specialists in property refurbishment and renewal. We are able to extend the economic life of buildings through our design and development expertise, saving the environmental cost.