Kennards Self Storage News & Updates

New Business Resolutions

How can Kennards Self Storage help your business in 2020?

As 2020 is now upon us, what an exciting time to start fresh in-home or chase that start-up business idea. Located two minutes from Pacific Highway (and St Leonards Station), this completely covered and enclosed storage facility (right next door to the SBS studio) is perfect place to build that business. Here at Kennards Self Storage Artarmon on Fredrick Street, we support all businesses and have a variety of options no matter the scale of that business, and our services will help make your business shine.

So, let’s talk about the services Kennards Self Storage Artarmon have that can help your business shine.

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State of Emergency Declared in NSW

A state of Emergency has been declared across New South Wales for the next 7 days as fire fighters brace for heat wave conditions.

At this time of the year many people are travelling away from home concerned with the current fires are worried about their possessions.

Many customers from the Blue Mountains and Newcastle areas have made the decision to move treasured possessions and items of sentimental value and vehicles into their local Kennards Self Storage. We encourage you to consider Kennards Self Storage as part of your bush fire plan.

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When The Street Lights Came On It Was Time To Go Home…

‘Sometimes it’s too much to bear, can you carry my load? I know the streets snatch you up so we rarely die old. I used to sleep next to bakeries to gain some warm. It’s kind of crazy how they saved me in the heart of the storm’.

The lyrics above sung by Australia’s Got Talent Semi-Finalist contender D Minor, still raw and real for the brave young people who shared their turbulent life stories with the audience from their time on streets.

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Self Storage Facility, What Matters To You?

People store for many reasons. Whether it is for business or private storage, the needs and expectations of each storer are different. From the day you make an enquiry to the day you store your precious belongings in the storage facility, these are things to look out for when choosing your storage centre:

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Top 5 Pointers for Christmas

Let Kennards Self Storage Artarmon be your ‘Star’ this Christmas

It’s getting closer to that time of the year again, when Santa starts to prepare for that one day of the year that puts a smile on everyone’s face… Christmas. But are you prepared? Here at Kennards Self Storage Artarmon (3 Fredrick St Artarmon – Next to SBS Studios) we like to help our customers go from ‘stressed to rest’ with our storage solutions for you this Christmas. Here are our Top 5 pointers this Christmas to make it ‘easy-peasy lemon squeezy’.

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Get To Know What Sizes We Have To Offer!

The Sydney housing market has grown 1.7% in October just passed and in the current quarter the Sydney market has grown a total of 5%. This is also showing in the increased demand for self-storage as homeowners prepare for the big move to a new house or unit.

Whether you are beginning to de-clutter to put your house on the market, in-between moves in the cooling off period or building a new home, Kennards Self Storage are here to assist with your storage needs. We also know moving houses can be stressful and dates can change which is why we offer pro-rata refunds, so there is no need to worry if you vacate mid billing cycle as we will refund you your unused rent.

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Love a Glass of Red

The results are in, Australia has a love affair with wine. Having a glass with dinner after a tough day at work. Taking a bottle as a gift to a dinner party or collecting wine as an investment are just some of the reasons that sales of Wine in Australia are on the rise.

When you first start drinking wine it can be hard to choose one. They all look the same to the un-initiated. Do I buy the $15 bottle or the $50 bottle. Some wine connoisseurs have provided the following tips.

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Renovators Dream

Owning a property is one of the largest challenges we all face. Finding the right place then getting a loan to purchase, then going through the ordeal of securing the purchase can make anyone go mad.

Once purchased we then usually go into renovation mode. From freshening up the paint to changing the flooring from that horrible carpet from the 80’s are usually the first jobs we get to. We all strive to improve our lifestyle and improving where we live is a part of that.

The other side of the story is selling an old tired home. How do we get top dollar for our old place. Improving the sale price is what everyone wants. The challenge here is to spend some money to improve the sale price but not to spend that much that it negates the money that goes into your pocket at the end. Improving the kerb appeal of your home is a good cost-effective way to start adding value.

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The New Park And Store Location In Thomastown!

As our new Kennards Self Storage facility in Thomastown takes shape, we’ve opened our ‘doors’ to outdoor open storage spaces for Cars, boats, caravans, buses and trucks.

Located at 187 Settlement road Thomastown, we sit directly on the edge of both commercial and residential sectors which makes it a great location with easy access. Our premium vehicle storage spaces range from 13 Sqm (2.6m x 5m) to 20.80 sqm (2.6m x 8m) and can be easily accessed via Settlement Road and Apex Court entry gates in Thomastown. A great storage solution not just for the Thomastown area, but all surrounding suburbs such as Lalor, Reservoir, Bundoora and Mill Park.

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