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4 Steps To Prepare Your Boat or Caravan For Storage

October 02, 2021 by Kennards Self Storage

It’s time to prepare your boat or caravan for storage. As a significant investment and considering all the joy it brings to your friends and family, your boat or caravan deserves more care than simply tossing it in a storage space for months at a time. Take care of your boat or caravan before it’s time to lock it up by following these steps to ensure it comes out in near-perfect shape.

Before you store your boat or caravan

  1. Assess the performance – make sure that you have taken care of any repairs that you may need to do right away to ensure peak performance once you’re ready to hit the road or the water later.
  2. Clean it thoroughly – although this may seem obvious cleaning your boat or caravan will remove all dirt or foreign objects that can cause problems to the interior or exterior. Waxing helps seal and protect the paint as well.
  3. Plug up – cover any loose fixtures and secure them. Cover any vents or openings which will prevent insects from entering.
  4. Wrap it up – Whether you choose to use your existing boat or caravan cover or a standard tarpaulin, covering your vessel will provide it protection against weather conditions.
Once these steps have been completed, your boat or caravan is ready for storage.

No matter which storage option you choose, Kennards Self Storage can accommodate your boat or caravan. We are proud to offer residents and businesses of Western Sydney with top tier service at our Prospect Centre. We offer a wide array of boat or caravan storage solutions, including secure storage, drive-up access, 24/7 access, and CCTV surveillance to keep your prized possession secure all year round.

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Author: Jai Gudhka, Centre Manager, Kennards Self Storage Prospect

Kennards Self Storage

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