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5 ways Kennards Storage Waterloo can help your business grow

June 04, 2024 by Kennards Self Storage

As the new financial year approaches, its time to start thinking about your business’ financial sustainability. And with the financial climate being what it is with first COVID-19 and now high Inflation there is no better time than now. 

Whether you are starting a new business from scratch or just want to cut costs for your current business, even during these uncertain times, there is still room for growth with some ‘out of the box thinking’ (or in this case ‘in the box thinking’) whether it’s a side hustle to make more extra income or just want to take advantage of the endless possibilities.

There are many ways your business can do this, and here at Kennards Self Storage Waterloo (5 Minutes from Sydney International Airport/ Sydney Domestic Airport at 866 Bourke Street) we want to help you achieve this. 
So here are 5 Top ideas that using Self Storage can benefit your business.

1.    Flexibility – Everyone knows employees are one of the biggest expenses for any business but following that is commercial lease fees. These are usually long-drawn-out leases that your stuck with over a certain period, and the space is not dynamic. So, if you grow, the space does not grow with you. Did I mention we have 24-hour access for your convenience?

At Kennards Self Storage Waterloo, you will have the flexibility to not only move in and out of your business storage unit based on the timing of your needs (all with no leases, bonds, or contracts), but also change the size of the storage unit based on your business needs. So, your storage size can grow with your business needs. This creates a very dynamic opportunity to only spend money on the space you need, not just the space you’ve got.

2.    Multiple Hubs – Sometimes travelling to and from your commercial leased location can take a lot of time, fuel and patience driving through Sydney traffic. And even more so, this can sometimes cost you being late for meeting with that potential client, missing a incoming or outgoing delivery deadline or double trips to pick up items that didn’t fit in your car on the first trip. 

What about simply dividing your space across multiple smaller Kennards Self Storage sites, spreading your stock, POS and employment across different parts of Sydney. Creating more convenience and less staff rostered hours there is a Kennards Self Storage Close By

3.    Missed Couriers and Post Office queues are a thing of the past – Tired of missing pick-up times or delivery times? With Kennards Self Storage Waterloo, it will be a thing of the past. Get your deliveries sent to your storage location, our helpful team will sign for the delivery and have it held for you to pick up 24hours a day onsite. You can even organise outgoing deliveries for your orders, many of our great couriers’ companies across Sydney drop by our centre daily for dispatch services. We even have a full range of boxes fully stocked, making shipping nice and easy.

4.    Saving Office Space – Did you know potentially you could get your office team to work from home and organise weekly meetings or potential client meetings in our Meeting room. Our meeting room comes with:

•    Free Wi-Fi Internet
•    Large meeting desk
•    A White Board
•    Tea and Coffee
•    Casual seating area to chat about anything but business while enjoying a coffee.

These fantastic facilities will benefit everyone, whether you just need a place to relax or a professional setting to hash out those big business ideas and business deals.

5.    Save on Security and Peace of Mind – One issue that plagues everyone, is the security of our goods and stock while in storage. At Kennards Self Storage, each unit is individually alarmed with back to base security call outs. Along with that we have solid secure gates that require pin codes for access and security cameras throughout the site offering safety and security of all customers and their goods.
6.    BONUS TIP: As we have learnt with today’s climate, we cannot predict everything, so to help with peace of mind, Kennards Self Storage Waterloo we can offset some of the risk of fire, water, theft loss through our cheap and easy protection cover program. 

For a simple $2.50/month (per $1000 you would like to Protect the contents inside the unit), Kennards Self Storage Waterloo can offer you peace of mind, so you can focus on more important aspects of your business like integrate business ideas to create growth. 

To help, Kennards Self Storage Waterloo is offering up the first $30,000 of coverage on the first month only, completely FREE.

So if you’re looking for a head start this financial year drop in to Kennards Self Storage Waterloo Located at 866 Bourke Street (Entrance off Odea Ave) – close to the East Village Zetland, Moore Park Homemaker Centre and Green Square Train Station.

Come and see what business solutions we can offer you, we’re more than just storage, we help revolutionise the way people do business. To learn more about Kennards Storage Waterloo go here.

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