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Caring For Your Caravan

July 31, 2021 by Kennards Self Storage

With no sign of the Australian international borders opening in the next few months, it does not stop us holidaying. Australia as a country provides fantastic options to take in its untapped beauty. If you are happy to travel, there is plenty to see.

And as COVID continues to dictate how we live our lives, planning local holidays can also be quite tricky with sudden lockdowns.

But Road tripping is definitely something we can continue doing with limited disruption.

Some of the best known Caravan trips recommended are:

•    The Big Loop – also known as the Ultimate Bucket List Road Trip
•    The Savannah Way taking in Qld, NT and WA covering around 3,700kms
•    The Great Ocean Road
•    Crossing the Nullarbor in SA
•    The Great Eastern Drive in Tasmania
•    The Pacific Way from Brisbane to Sydney
•    Perth to Nigaloo

Caravanning  can be lots of fun especially as you don’t have to worry about how to get to a destination and then finding accommodation. Caravan Parks are strewn all across the country and due to the size of most of these places, there are always spots available at short notice.

Buying a caravan is always an exciting event especially as these days the age demographics of caravan owners has changed big time. No longer are caravans the domain of the over 60s like it used to be in the days past. If you have a passion to be on the road and enjoying the little luxuries, a caravan is the perfect answer.

There is no limit how much you can travel. It could be a few days or it could be a whole year. 

But there will be times when you want to enjoy the comforts of your own home and the caravan too looks for a bit of rest. This is when maintenance becomes vital to avoid surprises when you are ready to travel once again.

Here are some of the top tips to keep you caravan in good condition during the non-travel months:

•    Air the caravan regularly and oil the hinges.
•    Make sure you charge the battery before setting out. 
•    Clean it inside out so it is ready for your next trip.
•    Check state of tyres so you avoid unnecessary hi-cups during your travel.
•    Make sure the electrics are working and that includes lights and brakes.
•    Clean out the water if it is going to sit idle for long periods of time.
•    Invest in a good caravan cover and ensure it is dried out after rains.
•    Use an Immobiliser to prevent your caravan starting on its own.
•    Ensure that it is on level and preferably dry ground.

If you do not have a secure place to store your much loved caravan, a fantastic option is to find a place offering caravan storage.

Kennards Self Storage Baringa has become popular for caravan storage on the Sunshine Coast. Located at 40-50 Edison Crescent, the storage centre has a dedicated area for Caravan and campervan storage. It also welcomes camper trailers and other vehicles to be stored on site.

The facility which sits in the middle of Stockland Aura’s Business Park offers a couple of options for vehicle storage – outdoor as well as lock-up units. And if you prefer to store just your camping gear, they have a vast array of cheap storage units available to suit every need.

The 24/7 access to the centre means you can come and go anytime you want. Security is our top priority and the pin coded gate access will give you the peace of mind to know that your caravan is taken care off. 

Clean toilets along with tea and coffee are available whenever you visit the centre, especially after that long trip.

And you can store as long as you like with no minimum or maximum time frames imposed. Just pay the month in advance and if you move out before the month is complete, we will refund all your unused rent.

Karen and Nicole at Kennards Storage Baringa will make sure that you get the best value for money storage and you might even score a little gift when you decide to move-out!

Call the girls on 07 5329 4982 for a chat and when you are ready jump online at to complete all the formalities.

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