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Extreme Hot Weather Preparations

December 22, 2023 by Kennards Self Storage

Weather changes constantly, and occasionally, we experience some extreme weather; hence, preparation is important to protect human life, animals, and your assets. According to Steven Cyros, 'remember when disaster strikes, the time to prepare has passed.' Prepare an action plan that will be easy to follow for your family, siblings, or friends during an emergency; it is equally important. The plan must be easily accessible when needed. Below are some suggestions you might find useful while formulating the action plan:

Gather all family members, siblings, and friends involved in the brainstorming session. During the brainstorming session, jot down all the bullet points, and then prioritize them. Ensure each task has the name of the person who is responsible for it.

Practice your action plan
Practice it so that you don't feel panic and stress when actual events take place.

Budget allocations
Decide how much funding you require for an emergency. Then, put aside the emergency fund. You will need it for food, accommodations, clothing, fuel, storage fees, and miscellaneous items. This includes animal shelters and animal food.

Know when to trigger the action plan
Listen to the radio, news, and local authorities. Take the instructions and act immediately. Those names listed in the plan have to agree with the tasks and responsibilities. Nominate two persons to command the plan. One is for backup. The method of triggering this plan is important; is it going to be a text message, phone contact, or walkie-talkie?

Know your escape routes
During an emergency, some roads or streets may be blocked and closed for safety reasons. Find out all the possible escape roads, streets, lakes, rivers, and beaches that will bring you and your family to a safe place. Familiarize yourself with the routes and know how long it will take you to reach the safe place.

Transportation and logistics
Decide early what transport you are going to use, such as a car, truck, Ute, or boat.

Top up your vehicle(s) or boat(s) with plenty of fuel. Spare fuels are highly recommended.

Drinking water
During extreme hot temperatures and to avoid dehydrations, water is extremely important to all human, animals, and natures and at times it can be very hard to find. Therefore, stock up plenty of water is essential.

Smart device charges
Gather all the charging cables in a box. A car charger for your device is essential. You will need it to charge up your phone and smart devices regularly. Being able to use the communication device uninterrupted is vital during an emergency.

Portable spare batteries
For smartphones and walkie-talkies. During emergency, internet may not be available for browsing or listen to the news announcement, hence spare batteries for portable radio is essential.
During an emergency, in most cases, you are unable to gain access to your dwelling immediately, and it is subject to the approval of the authorities. Hence, plenty of spare clothing is essential.

Cash tender
Plenty of spare cash is required in case cashless transactions are not available.

Sick, elderly, and physically immobile
For those who are sick, elderly, and physically immobile, make early relocation and find safe accommodation for them.

Animal welfare
Your pets or domestic animals are precious and equally important as human beings. Ensure they are transported early to a safe shelter and fed daily. Friends and siblings are a great source to assist during an emergency.

Accommodation arrangements
Book early for temporary accommodation for your family to stay during an emergency. Of course, friends and relatives can assist with this as well.

Precious items
Plenty of spare water and food; pet food; farm food for animals; medicines; medical prescriptions; passport; printed photo albums; computers; laptop; jewellery; birth certificate; insurance documents; building certificate; water bills; electricity and gas bills; torch lights, life jackets (if you opt to escape via boat), etc.

Flammable items
Move all flammable items (i.e., chopped woods; petrol; alcohols; spirits; kerosene; BBQ gas tanks, etc.) away from your dwelling early and store them somewhere safe.

Ensure you empty out your fridge and freezer and unplug the power cord. During an emergency, power supplies may be cut off, and you do not want rotten food and unpleasant smells in your dwelling. And remember to leave the fridge door ajar.

Unplug all power cords
Items that you leave behind connected to the power supply need to be unplugged. This is to reduce electrical sparks that may create an unnecessary hazard to your dwellings.

Self Storage
If you opt to store your items in self storage, you need to act quickly. List out the items you want to store in a storage unit and start renting and moving your items into the storage space. Have moving boxes on hand. Take early action to avoid the disappointment of being unable to book a storage unit and engage a removalist to assist. Any Kennards Self Storage centre can assist you in the right storage unit for your needs and offer moving boxes and packing supplies and also recommend a removalist. 

If your dwelling is surrounded by trees and shrubs, start trimming the trees and shrubs and clear the twigs and dried leaves on the grounds and the roof.

There are more items you might like to include in your plan. Let's hope that you do not need to use this action plan, but "Preparedness is the only way we can combat natural disasters." - John Quinlan.

Author: Anthony Heng, KSS Thornleigh

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