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Growing Up In Moorebank

December 22, 2023 by Antone Boustani

In response to the increasing demand for reliable and secure storage solutions, Kennards Self Storage has recently opened its new centre in Moorebank, catering to the burgeoning needs of the local community. This strategic move aligns with the area's growing demographics, highlighting Kennards Self Storage's commitment to providing convenient and accessible storage options for residents and businesses alike.

Growing Demographics
Moorebank has witnessed a remarkable surge in population and business activity in recent years, making it a prime location for expansion in the self-storage industry. With a diverse demographic profile, including young professionals, families, and entrepreneurs, the demand for flexible and reliable storage solutions has become more pronounced than ever.

Convenient Location
The new Kennards Self Storage centre is strategically located to serve the Moorebank community effectively. Its accessibility and proximity to key residential and commercial areas make it a convenient choice for individuals and businesses seeking storage solutions. The centre’s design incorporates state-of-the-art security features to ensure the safety of stored items, giving customers peace of mind.

Tailored Storage Solutions
Kennards Self Storage recognizes that each customer's storage needs are unique. The new Moorebank centre offers a variety of storage unit sizes to accommodate everything from household items to business inventory. Whether it's temporary storage during a move, decluttering a home, or long-term business storage, Kennards Self Storage has the right solution for every requirement.

Community Engagement
Kennards Self Storage is not just a storage provider; it's a part of the communities it serves. The company is committed to engaging with the local community through initiatives such as partnerships with local charities, sponsorships of community events, and providing support to local businesses. This commitment extends beyond the business of storage to fostering a sense of community and collaboration.

Future Growth Prospects
As Moorebank continues to experience growth in both population and business activities, Kennards Self Storage is well-positioned to meet the evolving storage needs of the community. The company's expansion into this dynamic area reflects its confidence in the region's future and its dedication to providing top-notch storage solutions.

Kennards Self Storage's recent opening in Moorebank marks a significant milestone in its mission to offer unparalleled storage solutions to communities experiencing growth. The strategic location, tailored storage options, and commitment to community engagement position Kennards Self Storage as a valuable partner in the ongoing development of Moorebank. As the community evolves, so too will Kennards Self Storage, ensuring that residents and businesses have access to the best storage facilities and services available. We do more than just Storage!

The Boxes are better at Kennards Self Storage!!

Where to get moving boxes
Where to buy moving boxes
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Where to buy Wardrobe moving boxes
Where to buy cheap moving boxes

When you do a google search for packing boxes you find that a lot of people out there are looking for information for the humble box. We all know that a box is 4 walls a top and a bottom but that’s not all there is to it. You tend not to need to know about boxes until you need boxes.

Your search begins online, and you end up at a place that sells boxes. It is easy to find yourself in a long aisle looking at boxes and bubble wrap and realising they all look the same. You can wait and hope that someone will walk by that can help you choose. When no one turns up you buy what you think is the correct box and you end up with the wrong box sometimes.

You then must go back to the place you bought them, wait in a long line to get a refund or store credit.

It does not have to be this way. Instead of going to a place that sells packing boxes as well as 500 other types of hardware or Software you can go to a place that specialises in packing items.

Kennards Self Storage is such a place. Kennards Self Storage team members are trained to be box specialists. Our knowledge and just as importantly experience with boxes and packing boxes is unmatched. Kennards Self Storage also offers Storage spaces for rent. This means we know what boxes are used for and where they end up. We care that you buy the correct item because we know the end game. Even better we buy back boxes weather they are used or new. Try doing that somewhere else and see the look on their faces. You can buy a box from Randy at Moorebank and move to Newstead in Queensland and return the box to David at our centre there and he will buy it back off you if it’s still in decent condition, and that is if the box is used. If it’s unused David will refund you the same amount you spent in Moorebank.

Our team are passionate about all our customers that need Storage or packaging items. You will walk in or call the centre, and someone will talk to you and give you the time to help you with your questions, we will also make recommendations. Different items go into different boxes. Our team members will help you with this.

Our team members will also aid in loading the boxes into your vehicle. No waiting, No fuss, and no bad decisions. If you buy more than you need, we refund. We have even helped customers to make the boxes easy to carry if you are catching a bus.

Kennards Self Storage is one of the remaining places that takes pride in personal Customer Service. We stand by this, see what other have to say and look at our Google reviews. We want and appreciate your business, so we want to help you get what you need.

Kennards Self Storage boxes will get the job done. Our expertise means you will have the knowledge to buy the correct box. Packing some glass, we will show you the crockery box. Packing some files, we will show you the archive box. We have over 20 options. Need to buy some cost-effective boxes we will show you our used boxes. Our boxes are that durable that we think they can be used multiple times, so much so that we will do a buyback of boxes when bought new.

If you buy a box in Moorebank from Randy or Carlos, you will pay the same price as Port Melbourne Victoria. We are a national team that want to service your needs all our centres. If you come into Sydney, Queensland, South Australia, or Victoria, we will love to help. In a hurry, give us a call and we will talk you through it. You can then jump online to and purchase boxes from the website and get them delivered. Just look up the Box shop and go from there.

Why do we need Self Storage

  • Decluttering: Kennards Self-storage spaces can be a godsend for storing the items you don’t want to part with. Self-storage is ideal for people downsizing their home. If you need it but don’t have space for it then we are for you.
  • Home renovators: Home renovations are great, but they can be stressful. Using a self-storage unit to store your possessions will avoid those possessions being painted on / destroyed.
  • Moving house: Kennards Self storage offers the safety, practicality, and flexibility you need to make a smooth transition in a tough time. If you are moving to a smaller home, we can provide space for those items that don’t fit.
  • Selling a house: When it comes to staging your home for sale, decluttering is almost always the first step. Decluttering your home for staging, inspections and restyling can increase the value of your property.
  • Planning to travel. A Self Storage space is convenient to use when you are away. Simply put your belongings in the space lock it with your own lock and key and away you go.
  • Businesses Storage: Businesses will use a self-storage space to store stock, to distribute sold items for delivery, as a base / office.
  • Living in inner city: If you live in a major city like Sydney, the space in your apartment is limited. That is why many people living in inner city Sydney use Self Storage to store large items that aren’t used every day.
Space is also a problem for most Self Storage providers in the city. Properties are usually small and access to the properties is difficult. Access to the spaces with-in those properties are also usually very tight and difficult. Need a container delivered? Getting regular deliveries on a truck? Have to move your homes contents on a rainy day? These are all big problems for most Self Storage providers. Cheap Storage is not always the most cost-effective Storage.

Kennards Self Storage Moorebank is not one of those places. Kennards Self Storage is the king-Sized storage provider. Kennards Self Storage Moorebank has 6 levels making up over 1000 storage spaces and over 9000 square metres of beautiful space. If you need space for change, then this place is for you.

Kennards Self Storage Moorebank has a large under cover area where you can unload your items on a rainy day without getting wet. We have a free to use walkie Stacker (walk-behind forklift) you can operate yourself. We also offer pallet jacks, trolleys and goods and passenger lifts so you can get in and out of your space with-out hurting yourself. We have two elevators to access the upper floors so you won’t be waiting for ever to get up and down.

Kennards Self Storage Moorebank is accessible 24-hours per day.  Enter the dock, via a gate after you use your personal access pin number day or night 365 days a year.

The gates are there for security. They are the only way in for customers who have a Storage space. When you complete a digital agreement with Kennards you will receive a number code to be used at the pin pad at the gate. Enter the pin number at the pin pad and it will also switch off your alarm on entry and switch your alarm back on when you exit. 

That is not the only thing you will receive when you complete your digital agreement. We will cover you with up to $30000 complimentary Insurance in your first month. Our expert team will contact you when that period is about to end to organise cover for the rest of the time you wish to use Storage.

Our expert team have years of experience working with thousands of happy customers. If you are in-between homes, looking for a space to base your business in, or just want to have a spot for the things you don’t need in your face every day, we can help you.

Call (02 )8107 7717 and one of our team will answer the phone and help you diagnose what size would suit your needs. With over 100 size choices we can cater to your specific needs and circumstances. If time is an issue, you can complete the whole process from finding a space to the rental and payment from the comfort of your own home. Get on to and you can find self-storage prices and complete the process in minutes. It really is that easy. Come and visit and you will find space for change 7 days a week.

Store with the people that care!

Kennards Self Storage Moorebank
3 Kelso Cres Moorebank
(02) 8107 7717

Antone Boustani

Antone joined the Kennards Self Storage in 2012 as a Team Support Manager. Progressing to the roles of NSW Rostering Co-ordinator and Waterloo Centre manager led to the position of NSW Operations Manager in 2019. Antone has gained leadership skills at previous roles as a Manager at KFC and Decorug and did run his own business a Deli / Fruit shop called Naremburn Natural. He loves that we are the people that care and how that is achieved through procedures that enable our teams to offer great customer service. He is invested in improving himself and the team around him and believes that doing what you love is the key. Outside work Antone loves travelling overseas as much as getting on the open road and you can find him watching any type of sport but especially cricket.

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