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Muval, The Uber For Removalists!

January 25, 2022 by Kennards Self Storage

Coined the "Uber for removals", Muval is making significant headway in the Australian removal market, by connecting customers looking to move locally or interstate, with the available capacity in removals trucks already moving between the desired locations.

That same dilemma that customers faced with taxis has now become a similar challenge for Australian customers looking to move locally or interstate. Like Uber, consumers around the country want (and expect) access, accountability and convenience, when it comes to engaging a removalist, this is something that share economy businesses deliver, and one that the removalists alike are beginning to embrace, enter, Muval. 

Muval is an online service that connects quality, vetted removal companies with people and businesses looking to move items locally or interstate. It removes the hassle of calling around for multiple quotes from different companies and removes the uncertainty and dread that is often associated with the moving process. Great removal companies, great prices. Any job big and small can be booked online on Muval.

Muval is continually partnering with reliable removalist companies and drivers. Customers get to rate them on Google or Facebook and can help improve the service of each partner, thus creating a better experience for all customers.

Save money by booking space on trucks that are already travelling between desired routes. Muval utilises a sophisticated algorithm which finds the available space in these trucks, (what is commonly known as "backloading") to match the capacity required and enables the filling of that space.

The move is safely secured with a refundable deposit. *The deposit is fully refundable within 48 hours. This makes purchasing the space easy, without fuss and convenient for customers.

We all know moving interstate, moving locally, or buying or selling a house is a life event, a combination of emotions –both good and bad are present and can make for a very stressful experience.

From selling your house, packing, decluttering, and preparing your new home, as well as hiring help is just part of the work that is required when you move. Some customers say that calling different removalists is considered a full-time job considering the time and energy needed for you to compare the quotes from different removalist companies.

Then of course, customers need to do their due diligence and checking how trustworthy these companies are based on their reviews in Google, Yelp, etc.

At the end of the day, when your checklist seems to be getting longer and your patience shorter, and all you want is access, accountability, and convenience, then turn to the Uber for the removals industry, and simply check in to Muval.

Muval finds the most appropriate companies who can move you locally or interstate, provides a price for that space, will then secure a refundable deposit for that space, and then provides you will all the information you need to either complete the transaction with that company, find an alternative company, or finally request a refund if we the company provided doesn’t quite suit your needs.

All that is required for a customer to do is type Muval’s website in a browser, compare different quotes from dozens of the best removalists in Australia and secure a booking instantly. That’s it.

Muval won’t take your personal details and sell your data to other companies which you then must field a dozen calls from to obtain quotes.

Customers can stop calling different removalists separately. Like Uber, Muval enables customers to enter their household items into a handy calculator which will work out the volume of essential goods that need to be transported.

Busy at work? Have appointments that you can’t cancel? No matter what time, wherever you are, or what the circumstances are, Muval’s website will provide an instant quote.

If you are looking at reducing moving costs and want to do it yourself along with the help of friends or family, it's important to think about how you will thank them for their help and agree on this before you start the heavy lifting. Not doing this beforehand could result in sour friendships and an IOU tally system.

When you hire professional movers, everything you pay for is outlined and agreed upon before you pay for the service. If you call on helpful friends to move all your belongings, it makes it harder to keep track of costs and therefore budget appropriately.

Hiring movers offers you the advantage of taking control of your moving costs. To save money, you can manage a budget around the services you need, or you can accommodate your budget by finding a removalist at a cost you can afford, plus they have all the moving equipment needed for the move so that's one less thing to worry about.

Either way, you pay what you agree to with your moving company. Furthermore, you don't simply pay for manpower. Many removalists offer packing materials and packers as part of their service.

The financial costs of a DIY move are often more than what you estimate. When you enlist the help of friends, you assume that your move will be done for free or for cheap. It may help you save money, however, there are a few costs you have to account for:

•    Finding and hiring a moving truck for moving day
•    Paying for your friends' meals during the move
•    Sourcing and purchasing packing materials such as bubble wrap, cardboard boxes and packing paper
•    Potential out of pocket expenses to recover or replace any lost or damaged items

Sometimes, depending on your relationship with your helpful amigo, you may even need to compensate for their time off work. It's a good idea to lay some ground rules for both sides before you shake hands on the move to avoid disappointment.

Many removal companies out there who move interstate, often have a challenge of either filling up their truck completely on the move from the original location to the desired destination, and then, coming back from that destination to the starting location, the truck is often empty, or at best, isn't completely full.

What this means is that the space on these trucks in a perfect world would be full, to make the trip as worthwhile as possible, what MUVAL does is find all of that available space and matches it with loads people like you and I require. If MUVAL matches it 'BINGO' you will receive an email letting you know that there is a load available, the price, what you get, and a "Book Now" button which allows you to easily pay a deposit to book in your MUVAL.

It is within reason if you are afraid of complete strangers handling your precious belongings. You've worked hard to accumulate your things and the last thing you want is to see them mismanaged amid moving house.
That said, who would you feel more comfortable moving your items? Friends or trained, professional movers?
Do your sanity a favour and reduce your chances of experiencing a moving day disaster by doing some quality control.

In addition to asking trusted friends and family to recommend a team of removalists, do your own research online. Look at sites where you can compare removalists, read reviews, and get details about each service.

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