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Not All Padlocks Are Equal

September 23, 2022 by Kennards Self Storage

Working in self storage we come across all kinds of locks customers use to secure their storage space.

Usually when the customer comes to the centre to finalise the move in process (providing photo ID, buying boxes etc) we ask what type of lock they propose to use to ensure its fit for purpose, but sometimes we miss this opportunity when the storer selects “contactless move in” or they change their lock after moving in for some reason.

Unfortunately, some choose a lock that is not fit for purpose.

Highlighted here are three different types of locks that you should steer clear of using.

1: The Long shank lock – This lock has a longer than normal loop when secured and when held at 90 degrees to the door bolt, it still allows access to your space.

It might be fine for a latch and hasp type lock on a garden gate or backyard shed but when it comes to a storage space with a sliding bolt action latch, they don’t provide any security.

In these two photos you will see we have supplied this storer with a “keeper plate” The red plate behind the lock prevents the door latch from operating until the padlock is actually opened with a key.

Every day we perform a lock check and we particularly keep an eye out for unsecure units.

The keeper plate is a “temporary” measure we assist storers with whilst they purchase a suitable lock.

2: The Luggage lock – Probably one of the poorest choices to make.

This lock is probably okay when used on your luggage for your holiday. This plastic-coated wire lock may look strong but can be cut using a small side cutter no larger than a nail clipper.

We recommend our secure Fortress padlock to replace this.

3: Tumbler combination lock

A 3-digit padlock only has 1,000 possible combinations. These can easily be decoded, sometimes within seconds. Google it if you don’t believe me.

Like the luggage lock these are not considered a suitable deterrent and they are generally not of a high quality of manufacture.

They are usually made of mild steel and will quickly rust if used for a unit exposed to the weather such as a drive-up unit.

As the corrosion builds up they often fail by simply falling apart.

In the Box Shop at every Kennards Self Storage Centre we offer a 4-digit combination lock. This type of lock has 10,000 possible combinations. 

A combination lock might be the right choice for you if you are a business storage customer with two or more staff members that access the space. Instead of worrying about losing a key, you only need to remember the combination. If you have staff changes, you can reset the combination to ensure restricted access.

As an individual you may also choose a combination lock to save you carrying another key around on your keyring or leaving it behind accidentally. It can be an avoidable nuisance.

All Kennards Self Storage Centres across Australia and New Zealand have a selection of carefully chosen locks.

From the “Defender” an all-brass lock which is ideal for all weather applications through to the “Fortress” Hardened steel shank locks, this commercial lock has the added function of a changeable key barrel, perfect when you require changes to keys without the added costs of replacing an entire padlock. The Guardian Discuss lock, a high security stainless steel lock designed to withstand the harsh elements specially around coastal locals, and the Centurion Cylinder Lock, ideal for use on Kennards Self Storage latches. Not your traditional padlock style with a shank, the Centurion Lock fits snuggly into a dedicated opening on the latch to secure it in place. This is a high security tamper and pick resistant lock. All of these locks can and do work at our centres.   

Before you move into your storage space take advantage of our expertise, have a chat with one of our team members and see what padlock from our range they recommend.

If you currently store and use one of the locks described in this article, maybe reconsider your decision and purchase a new padlock recommended by our team.

Padlocks are an integral part of the security at our centres along with individually alarmed units and CCTV cameras monitoring activity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Some people might consider padlocks “old school” but sometimes the simplest option is the best.

Whilst you are visiting our website why not check out the online “Box Shop” and review the padlock options and order your moving boxes at the same time. 

Kennards Self Storage St Marys Management Team - Alex & Rick

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