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Preserving Memories, One Vintage at a Time

July 09, 2024 by Kennards Self Storage

In the dance between time and taste, wine tells a story unlike any other. Each bottle holds not just liquid, but a piece of history, a moment frozen in time. Yet, as seasons shift and temperatures rise, the delicate balance of preservation becomes paramount. 

In most parts of the world, the heat of summer prompts thoughts of wine cellaring, a practice essential for safeguarding the essence of fine wine. When in the heart of an Australian winter, where the cool whispers of winter reign supreme, a different narrative unfolds—a tale of the Winter Chill effect.

In the embrace of winter's cool grip, the very essence of wine preservation takes centre stage. Here, amidst the serene landscapes of Australia, Kennards Wine Storage stands as a bastion of protection for your cherished bottles.

We are Guardians of Flavour at Kennards, we understand that your wine collection is more than just a gathering of bottles; it's a tapestry of memories, a testament to taste. That's why we offer private lock-up wine cellars, each a sanctuary for your most treasured vintages. With no handling fees or access charges, our transparent monthly rental system grants you peace of mind and easy access to your collection.

Navigating the Elements: The Science of Cellaring Wine
Temperature and humidity—two elements that shape the destiny of every bottle. In our climate-controlled wine storage facilities, these factors are meticulously monitored, ensuring stability and consistency. From the gentle coolness of winter to the balmy embrace of summer, Kennards Wine Storage maintains an ideal environment for your wines to evolve gracefully in your cellar.

Our temperature control systems ensure the wine cellar temperature is very stable, typically maintaining 14°C (+ or - 1°C). This stability is not just about preserving the wine; it's about safeguarding its story. Imagine each bottle as a chapter waiting to unfold, its flavours evolving gracefully within the confines of consistent temperature.
Similarly, our wine cellars maintain moderate humidity levels (55%-75%) to avoid problems like cork shrinkage, leakage, mould, and contamination. This balance of humidity not only ensures the physical integrity of the cork but also preserves the essence of the wine itself. In the dance between preservation and evolution, temperature and humidity play crucial roles, nurturing each bottle's potential to tell its unique story.

Empowering You: Control in Your Hands
In our wine cellars, you're not just a tenant; you're the curator of your own collection. Bid farewell to the risks of frequent handling and exposure to light. With 24/7 access and our convenient Wine 'Drop' Service, managing your wines becomes a seamless experience. Whether it's a midnight craving or a spontaneous celebration, your wine collection is always within reach.

Choose from our range of wine cellar sizes and locations to suit your needs:

- 6 to 72 Case Wine cabinets, perfect for your personal collection.
- 100 up to 1000 case walk-in wine cellars, for larger collections, restaurants, importers, investments, and more!

Sydney: Waterloo, Artarmon, Rozelle, Camperdown, Chatwood, Brookvale, Miranda
Canberra: Fyshwick
Victoria: Abbotsford, Port Melbourn, Hawthorn, Ivanhoe, Huntingdale
Queensland: Milton, Newstead, West End
South Australia: Thebarton

Unlocking Possibilities
Embrace the journey ahead with confidence, knowing that Kennards Wine Storage is your steadfast companion in every sip and celebration. 

Step into a world where stories are preserved, flavours are cherished, and memories are uncorked experience Kennards Wine Storage today.

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