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Running a Small Business?

July 11, 2021 by Kennards Self Storage

As we get closer to the festive season, more and more people will be jumping online to look for a plethora of gifts. For many that prefer to avoid the chaos of shopping centres and are starved for time, online business provide the perfect solution for all their gift requirements.

So, where do you start planning to set up an online business?

First of all, find out what you think will be sellable and your ability to easily source those items or the products needed for them. It could be food items, pet products or it could be kids toys. Christmas decorations are another popular option for the online shopper. 

Or it could be a niche product that you feel has a lot of ongoing sale potential like beauty products and household wares. Handmade products are also some of the most popular items that shoppers have bought online.

How about starting a business that can continue much longer after the festive season is over and gives you the flexibility to expand your inventory as your market grows.

The next step will be deciding if you are going to sell for profit. If so, you might need to register your business for tax purposes and obtain an ABN number.

Then comes the task of setting-up your own website as it will become your digital shop front. Having your own website means you have access to a global audience. However, you must decide how far you are able to ship your goods.

Using search engines will drive a lot of traffic to your website. Pay-per-click is a great option to draw traffic to a brand-new website. Many online businesses also use weekend markets to drive sales by handing out business cards that have details of their online website. Doing so gives your business the initial human element as face to face interactions are invaluable to the success of any business.

If you are not ready to commit to a website or don’t have the budget to hire an expert to design one, an alternative to that might be setting up a store on eBay or Amazon and even Facebook as they will provide an avenue to a wide audience. e-Marketplaces can also provide equal visibility for your goods especially in the infancy stage of your business.

It is vital that you create high quality content for your products online. This could include blogs and imagery. Use social media platforms to promote your business this will enhance your success. 

The use of search engines also drives a lot of traffic to personal websites. Pay-per-click is a great option to draw traffic to a brand-new website.

As, online businesses usually allow you the option to work from home, it offers flexible work hours and saves on overhead costs. It also allows consumers 24 hour access to your products.

Once all the planning has been done and you are now ready for the big leap into the business world, I hear you ask - But where do I put all the stock that I am about to order?

Kennards Self Storage, Chermside offers easy storage solution pricing with the flexibility of no lock in contracts. You can start with a small to medium size storage unit and as the business grows move into a bigger unit at any time.

If you wish to run your business from the centre, we have facilities to get electricity into your storage unit. To support your venture, we offer a handy concierge service providing receive and dispatch facilities. You no longer have to worry about when your stock will arrive, or for that matter, stress about your packages getting picked up and sent to the buyers.

Our clean and pest controlled storage units ensure that your stock is well protected. CCTV surveillance and individually alarmed storage units gives you the peace of mind that your goods are secure even though you are not physically present.

The meeting room with free wi-fi provides a great option to meet your clients in private rather than entertaining them at your own home.

Conveniently located at 721 Webster Rd, Chermside, the friendly Team of Glen and Daryl will be most willing to run you through the various options and find a right storage solution to your needs. The most asked question is always - How much will a storage unit cost? The Chermside centre has a range of different sizes that can cater to every need. 

Our comprehensive website is easy to navigate and gives you all the information you need.

You can give the boys at Kennards Self Storage Chermside a call on 07 3630 5644 and they will be most delighted to assist.

Or jump online and browse the site for storage unit sizes and prices, then simply rent online

Authors: Glen & Daryl, Kennards Storage Chermside

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