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The Removalist

October 11, 2023 by Kennards Self Storage

Removalists play an important part in our lives when we need help moving dwellings or large commercial products. There are many types of removalist services available in our community, but what should you look for when engaging in one? Some specialise in handling delicate and fragile items, while others specialise in household packing and moving.

Most of the removalists charge based on an hourly rate or a minimum hourly charge for each move. Obtain a confirmation quote in writing, such as on paper, email, or SMS. Preferably, the quote should state the moving date, itemise the job, and clearly state the price. Read the quote carefully and inquire about any additional charges involved. Both parties need to agree to the quote before the job can commence. 

Before you engage in a removalist, you need to compile a list of the items you want to move out of your dwelling. Highlight the big and delicate items such as porcelain vases, pianos, antique furniture, fridges, large TVs, large fish tanks, bookshelves, framed portraits, large mirrors, and so on. Take some images if necessary for quoting purposes. Remember to inform your removalist about the big and heavy items you have so they can plan the number of assistants needed for the move. Customers often forget to ask removalists how they will handle large delicate items, so be sure to inquire. It is recommend to avoid moving during peak traffic hours, as congestion can consume a significant portion of the removalist's time.

Some removalists supply packing materials. Ask if the materials are included in the quote. Others may provide you with a list of packing materials, and you can shop around yourself. Try to avoid last-minute add-on items to avoid additional charges.

Since most removalists' trucks are large, on-site parking arrangements are crucial. Clearly state where to park to minimise public traffic inconvenience and avoid prolonging the time of moving. Rule of thumb, check with the strata management if there is a designated area for temporary big truck parking. If you live in an apartment, find out the height of the car park's basement ceiling and inform your removalist. Check with the strata management of the condition and permission of using the passenger lift to convey the items. If the lift access is not the option, find out the stairwell access. When are you allow to access? How many flights of stairs and are the access door alarmed?

When hiring a self storage facility to store your items, especially if it requires goods lift access, find out from the storage facility the dimensions of the goods lift. Will your biggest item fit into the goods lift? Where is the loading dock, and what is the ceiling height of the loading dock? Determine the least busy hours at the storage centre to ensure ample on-site parking and trolley access to save time. Share this information with your removalist. If your storage unit has a single-door access, find out the door's dimensions to ensure your large items can fit through it.

It's important to inform your removalists of the size of the self storage unit (height x length x width in metres) and the address of the self-storage facility. This will help the removalist plan what size of vehicle is needed to assist you.

Supervising the removalist throughout the move is crucial. This has several advantages: you can direct them on where and how to place your items in the new dwelling or self-storage unit, identify any damage to delicate items immediately, and ensure efficient use of the removalist's time. If you cannot be on-site, try to arrange for a sibling or close friend to assist you. As a rule of thumb, before the removalist leaves your premises, check the truck to ensure that all your items have been fully unloaded.

While removalists play an essential role in assisting us with moving, remember that, as Alexander Graham Bell said, "before anything else, preparation is the key to success."

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Author: Anthony Heng, Centre Manager, Thornleigh    

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