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Staying Safe During Bushfire Season

November 11, 2019 by Kennards Self Storage

The bushfire season is upon us, the current hotter temperatures, with low humidity and high winds is the perfect recipe for bush fires.

Being prepared and staying safe during a bushfire is critical to everyones survival. Here are seven tips to surviving a bushfire as recommended by the CFS (South Australian Country Fire Service).

Tip 1:
Writing and practicing your Bushfire Survival Plans
• Have you got a plan?
• Your plan is central to your survival.

Tip 2:
Understanding Bushfire Behaviour
• It is important to understand the characteristics and behaviour of bushfires
• They are influenced by vegetation, topography and climate.

Recognising Days of high fire danger
• Bushfires can be more dangerous on certain days.
• Learn to recognise the characteristics and terminology of these days.

Tip 4:
Prepare your home and property
• Even if you are prepared to leave early, a well prepared home is likely to survive a bushfire.

Tip 5:
Creating Emergency Kits
• The kit should be easily accessible and contain all the essentials you need in a hurry
• Relocation Kit- things to take with you
• Survival Kit- what you will need to survive the day.
• Recovery Kit- what you need for the 24-48hrs after the fire.

Tip 6:
Acting on days of high fire danger
• Put your preparation and plans in action on high fire danger days.
• Be prepared to take action

Tip 7:
Consider your physical and emotional preparation
• It is important you are realistic about what you can and can not do.
• Ensure you and your family understand fully what a bushfire can mean in terms of fear, stress and threat to your personal life.

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Being prepared is critical to everyone’s survival. Unfortunately, the risk of danger is heightened when residents stay or run back to their homes to save their valuables. Preparing your home and taking out the stress of potentially losing everything has played a critical role as mentioned in Tip 4 “Prepare your home and Property” to reducing the stress if the unfortunate situation of a bushfire was to go near a home.

Residents in bushfire affected areas have taken to storage when it comes to preparing for bushfires. Kennards Self Storage have many locations across Australia, stretching from South Australia all along the East Coast up to even the Sunshine Coast. providing convenient access and locations for residents in bushfire prone areas to store their household goods.

Kennards Self Storage facilities offer a wide range of storage solutions ranging from 1 square metre lockers to mini warehouses as big as 200sqm. With these sizes available precious household contents from a studio apartment all the way to a 5 bedroom home will fit securely in one of the many units available.

Most of Kennards Self Storage facilities offer 24 hour access 7 days a week. Meaning during stressful times customers can access their storage units whenever they wish, without any time constraints.

Check out to find a location near you. Speak to our friendly team if you have any questions and they will be able to assist and also provide a no obligation free quote too.

For more information regarding up to date information on bushfires in Australia see below:

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