Gun Storage

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About our Lockers for Guns

Protecting your family by storing guns out of the home is increasingly popular.

In April 1996, Australia was shocked by the brutal killing of 35 people in Port Arthur, Tasmania. In response, one of the changes to come was securely and safely storing firearms. This became law in all states and territories in Australia.

Removing guns from the curiosity of children and the risk of theft is firmly believed to be an important contribution to safety. Many spouses are comforted for the family to know a firearm is not easily accessible.

Kennards offers legally compliant gun storage for firearms in numerous locations. This means shooting enthusiasts can enjoy their sport, still comply with the law and keep their guns away from home.

Kennards is pleased to be able to offer an appealing alternative to accommodate the lawful ownership of firearms.

Police in each jurisdiction are fully aware and supportive of the Kennards Gun Storage solution.