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Temperature Controlled Whiskey Storage

The only thing better than buying a nice bottle of whiskey is buying two nice bottles of whiskey, one to drink now and one to enjoy years down the track. Storing and preserving the liquid in these bottles is crucial.

Keep your whiskey bottles stored in an upright position in a stable cool temperature with humidity control. Temperature fluctuations, and especially exposure to heat, can affect the quality of your whiskey. When whiskey gets hot, it expands in the bottle, which can eventually damage the seal and let in oxygen. Keep your whiskey in a cool, temperature-controlled space.

Store your whiskey in a Kennards Self Storage temperature controlled space to be sure it stays cool. Our Temperature controlled spaces vary in size and are all individually locked. You lock it and you keep the key. Some spaces are also individually alarmed. With access 7 days a week, you can enjoy visiting your collection any time it suits you.    

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