Wine Cellaring

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About our Wine Cellaring

A treasured bottle of wine often represents a story or warm memory. It may be that you first enjoyed it with someone you care about, or meeting the wine maker at the vineyard or just a colourful story about how you obtained it. Like good wine, your stories will also improve with age.

Your wine is a valuable and treasured asset, too important to risk being spoiled by poor cellaring. Kennards Wine Storage provides the ideal environment for long-term wine storage to help it mature to its full potential.

Our private cellars are available throughout Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide for your convenience.

17 Convenient Locations

There are 17 locations with our unique climate controlled cellars, so there will be one near you.

Private Lock Up Cellars

At Kennards Wine Storage your wine is stored in your own personal cellar.

Your own personal cellar, no one else can touch, see or move your wine. This gives you great peace of mind. We have a range of sizes so you can grow (or shrink) your collection easily. Most small cellars (8,12,24,48 case capacity) are only 2 case deep, making access really easy. 

The temperature and humidity are controlled to keep conditions stable.

Easy Monthly Rental With No Extra Charges

No annual contracts. No penalty for vacating early. No handling fees. All we have is a simple monthly rental.